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For many Dungeons & Dragons players, the cover image of the Fiend Folio is an unforgettable part of their role-playing experience. The book came out in 1981, compiled of monsters first seen in the Demon factory legendary game magazine review White dwarf. Many classic D&D monsters have been featured in this book, but the menacing form of the githyanki was chosen as the cover image.

Githyanki are tall, slender humanoids with leathery skin, sunken eyes, long angular skulls, jagged pointy ears, and a high-placed flat nose. The name Githyanki, which means “Children of Gith,” comes from the legendary leader Gith who united several rebel factions to rise up and defeat a great Illithid empire. The Githyanki are known as inhabitants of the astral plane, masters of psionic powers who fly on the backs of red dragons and wield silver swords.

Now Wizkids games, in association with Wizards of the coast, bring it Fiend Folio Three-dimensional Githyanki. This iconic image of Dungeons & Dragons is now available as a premium 12 inch painted statue, perfect for old school fans who were there early on or new school fans learning about the history of the game.

“The Githyanki are well known and appreciated by many fans of Dungeons and Dragons the story, ”said Patrick O’Hagan, executive producer of RPGs for Wizkids Games. Longtime gamers of the game will recall the nostalgic image of a Githyanki holding his sword on the cover of the AD&D Fiend Folio. Players who have recently returned to the game have delved into the history of the Githyanki from a D&D Source book of the fifth edition titled Tome of Mordenkainen’s Enemies. Ultimately, the Githyanki are iconic and important to D&Dpast, present and future, making Githyanki a great first release [for this premium series]. “

The current popularity of Dungeons & Dragons comes from a mix of players. New players experience the rich history and traditions of the various settings for the first time. Older gamers are reverting to an easy-to-use gaming system with all of their original hardware. These two sectors constitute a prime market for a collectible githyanki statue.

Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition was the first stepping stone for many new players and hobbies, ”said O’Hagan. “The Fifth Edition plays out current events from many areas of the game, so it’s only natural that anyone involved is drawn to the rich and magical history of the sets, characters, and planes of existence they explore. and D&D material allow people to understand and even experience firsthand the foundations of the worlds and stores that are happening today. ”

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The second-hand secondary market Dungeons & Dragons books have exploded thanks to the influx of gamers. New players looking for classic books like Fiend Folio without chasing online auctions and used bookstores can find them at Dungeon Masters Guild as well as thousands of reference books compatible with the fifth edition. In addition to PDFs, many books are not available as print-on-demand.

“My recommendation would be the B1 dungeon module titled”In search of the unknownSaid O’Hagan. Written by game designer Mike Carr and published in 1979, this adventure allows players to explore the hidden complex known as the Quasqueton Caves. This mod is considered a quality introductory mod to the ruleset and is a shining example of a classic Dungeon crawl style of gameplay. The main objective of this adventure is for players to discover the secrets of Quesqueton while exploring its dangerous labyrinth, fighting monsters and collecting vast amounts of treasure.

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the Dungeons & Dragons Githyanki Premium Statue sells for $ 249.99 and will be available this fall.

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