When is the perfect time to start getting your Halloween decorations out?


The first week of October is the perfect time to start transforming your home, especially if you have harvest decorations in the mix. You can start on the first day of the month and go through your entire interior and exterior, or break up the first few weeks to slowly decorate certain parts of your home. Either way, it’ll be ready just in time for Halloween. And really, taking out the skeletons, ghosts, and spooky signs is safe anytime in October.

While it can be exciting to start decorating early, you’ll have to wait to buy pumpkins. The difficulty with decorating with real pumpkins is that if you take them out too early, they can mold and rot from being out all day in different types of weather. Decorating with fake pumpkins and then replacing them with uncarved pumpkins a week or two before Halloween will prevent this from happening.

Of course, carving pumpkins is the classic Halloween tradition. Christmas Center suggest buying local to get the prettiest pumpkins and gourds, and waiting a few days before Halloween to carve them. This way they will stay fresh and retain their shape instead of falling off due to wilting.


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