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A complete revamp of Montezooma’s Revenge at Knott’s Berry Farm will feature a backstory about doomed treasure hunters as well as Aztec-themed trains, randomized launch sequences and new rider restraints when the historic roller coaster returns the next year.

The reimagined roller coaster Montezooma: The Forbidden Fortress will debut in 2023 at Buena Park theme park.

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Netherlands-based amusement ride renovator Kumbak is working on renovating Montezooma, according to Knott officials. Kumbak has already teamed up with European theme parks Efteling, Walibi and Bakken.

Montezooma’s Revenge was built by German roller coaster manufacturer Anton Schwarzkopf based on plans developed by renowned roller coaster designer Werner Stengel.

The 1978 Schwarzkopf Flywheel Launch Shuttle looping roller coaster has been designated a historic landmark as the last such ride in the United States and the oldest in its original location.

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The recently revealed roller coaster train for Montezooma: The Forbidden Fortress was designed to look like a mythical creature made of rock with fang-like teeth, reptilian scales, spiked armor, and glowing red eyes.

The redesigned Montezooma roller coaster train will depart from a redesigned station that has been redesigned as an architectural cousin to the Mayan stone temple housing the Jaguar roller coaster next door. Montezooma riders will pass through a mouth-shaped portal with fangs featuring smoke and lighting effects, according to a new teaser video.

The new Montezooma roller coaster train teaser video has given the first hint that Knott’s will be replacing the historic ride’s lap bar with new shoulder restraints – much to the chagrin of ride enthusiasts.

According to Knott officials, Knott’s is moving away from Montezooma knee bar restraints and moving to shoulder restraints to meet current American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) requirements.

According Insider at the theme park.

The new restraint system could hamper loading times on the Montezooma coaster which had a capacity of 1,344 passengers per hour and operated with a single train before the route was closed for refurbishment.

“This Russian Shuttle is a single-train operation, so capacity is already going to be an issue,” according to Theme Park Insider. “We will have to wait for its debut next year to see how the new trains will take into account the new wait times for this roller coaster.”

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The world’s first flywheel-launched roller coaster will give riders a new twist as Montezooma: The Forbidden Fortress. According screamscape.

“Imagine the surprise that awaits riders while waiting for launch, not knowing if the roller coaster will launch forward or backward at first,” according to Screamscape. “Talk about adding a re-ridability factor.”

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A new station and queuing experience will take riders through the exploration camp of the hidden Aztec fortress of Montezuma filled with traps and the remains of treasure hunters.

The nearby Jaguar roller coaster, next to Montezooma, is located in the middle of an archaeological dig at a Mayan temple. The rides are already connected to the Jaguar track passing through the Montezooma Loop.

The reimagined Montezooma coaster theme will be separate from the Jaguar coaster and will tell the story of Montezuma’s hidden treasure and those who have tried to find the Aztec Emperor’s riches over the years.


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