WDWNT Daily Recap (09/29/21): More Vault Collection Decorations and Merchandise Arrives, 1971 Party Line Wiped Out After Confectionery Refurbishment, 50th Anniversary Collector’s Coin Launch, and more


We bring you a lot of stories every day. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. So, in case you missed something from our feed, we’ve gathered all of our stories in one place to get the news at a glance. Here’s your daily recap for Wednesday, September 29, 2021.

Magic kingdom

  • Today, Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Cinema reopened with a Vault Collection overlay.
  • The Adventureland Cart is now serving new spring rolls for the 50th anniversary celebration.
  • The confectionery took over the Chapeau space (Curtain Call Collectibles now offers hat embroidery), and among the items removed was the “party line” telephone.
  • Among the snacks available at the newly reopened Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom are plenty of grain treats and we bought the Mickey Grain Treats with Snickers.
  • It might be a world of laughs and tears, but lately at Magic Kingdom it’s been a world of color as the repaint of “It’s a Small World” continues to continue.
  • The sweet smell of Magic Kingdom means Main Street Confectionery has reopened, and with it new desserts and snacks to try; today we see how two new classic candy flavored cupcakes stack up!
  • A section of the wall at the front of Beast Castle had yet to be repainted, but crew members are now working on the wall, so the renovation should be officially completed soon.
  • In addition to EPCOT’s 50th anniversary rush pennies, new designs and medallions have arrived at Magic Kingdom for “The World’s Most Magical Celebration”.
  • Much of Fantasyland’s sidewalk and masonry in Magic Kingdom was replaced in the spring of this year, and now more of the masonry is painted a beige color.
  • With less than a week before the 50th anniversary, we can feel all this “Disney magic” in the air! Follow us as we wander through Magic Kingdom and travel through EPCOT in the latest photo report.


  • We’re counting the days until Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, and the celebration has even achieved that classic memory, the penny in a hurry.
  • Sergio the Italian juggler, a staple of EPCOT fan favorite entertainment, is back on October 1.
  • The members of Alberta Bound have announced their return to the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT effective Friday, October 1.
  • New collectibles have arrived at EPCOT, showing classic and recent Disney characters with the 50th anniversary logo.
  • The pavilion logo flags, some of which were added to the new EPCOT entry earlier this year, have been updated ahead of the park’s anniversary on October 1.
  • World Showcase Lagoon’s “Harmonious” barges at EPCOT now display the 50th anniversary logo on their screens.
  • Work has continued in Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind since our last update, where most of the sidewalk in front of the attraction was almost complete.
  • The four icons of the Walt Disney World theme park transform to celebrate the 50th anniversary this October 1, but Spaceship Earth debuted with its new look as the Beacon of Magic earlier this evening.
  • Today we say hello to “Harmonious”, the brand new nighttime show playing on the World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT.

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