WCA Board discusses budget and tackles pool renovations


The Westchase Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors meeting in August began with President Shawn Yesner giving the floor to residents.

No one took advantage of the opportunity, but wanted community members to know that the open forum is available at every meeting.

Treasurer Dale Sells was unable to attend the meeting, but provided a written report stating, “I have reviewed the July 31 statements and the actual numbers continue to match the budget numbers well. Debbie is working hard on the proposed budget for 2023 ahead of the August 30 budget workshop. I commend her for noticing the TECO anomaly, as noted in the manager’s report.

Director Jim Brinker asked about the possibility of an additional board meeting to discuss the proposed budget for next year. According to Yesner, property manager Debbie Sainz typically meets with the board chair and treasurer to do an initial budget review. At the July meeting, Director Eric Holt encouraged all board members to attend this first meeting. Yesner pointed out that if four members meet, it constitutes a quorum, which requires the meeting to be open to the public. Brinker and Holt said they would be there. The budget meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, August 24 at 2 p.m.

In his update from the Government Affairs Committee, Chairman Holt volunteered to contact the developers of the Westchase Station townhouse development project to provide regular updates to the board. Sainz noted that the developers plan to pursue Westchase annexation. The board members agreed that Holt would serve as liaison between the WCA and the developers.

Regarding the Glencliff Park cell tower, Holt said he spoke to Matt Lewis, chairman of CDD supervisors at Westchase, and explained that the WCA is willing to continue its advocacy position but cannot do more than that. . Arrillaga said he misspoke at the July meeting when he said the county owns Glencliff Park. He clarified that the CDD owns the parks but must go through the county for certain authorizations. Holt said he wanted more information from Vertex, the company that wants to build the tower. “The two things I asked for are that I need proof that there are more locals in favor of the tower than against it,” Holt said. “The other thing is where is the documentation that says this is the only possible location for the tower?”

Holt completed his report by sharing that Rick Goldstein had resigned from the committee. Holt publicly thanked Goldstein for the substantial work he had done, both as past chairman and as a member of the committee.

In his Master Plan Committee update, Arrillaga shared the first set of drawings for the Westpark Village pool bathroom remodel. The contractor plans to add a partition and another door to create an enclosed locker room and has asked the council to choose the color of the partition. Director Blakley Echeverry made a motion for the money. All council members except Arrillaga voted in favour.

Avery Construction provided the WCA with a letter of intent to complete the bathroom renovations, but no contract, and requested a check for $65,000 to purchase equipment for the renovation. Arrillaga asked if the council would agree to cut the check before signing the contract. Holt made a motion to wait for a final contract before giving Avery a check. Sainz said she could prepare the check so that it would be ready when the contract arrived. Holt’s motion passed unanimously.

In a statement provided ahead of the meeting, Sells provided an update on the document review committee, saying, “As you know, all suggested changes were adopted, with the exception of an amendment to the CCRs and d one to the statutes. I want to thank all the committee members who worked hard with me and Debbie and Charlotte and Jon and Kathleen at SLK for all their hard work. This could not have been accomplished without teamwork. This committee is formed approximately every two years to ensure that our documents are legally up to date and responsive to resident requests. Over the past 10 years, voting members have approved 248 changes.

Yesner noted that next month’s VM meeting, Sept. 13, will also serve as the annual election for the WCA board. Four seats are up for grabs: those of Arrillaga, Yesner, Brinker and director Keith Heinemann. Candidates include Yesner, Brinker, Heinemann, Jack Maurer, Larry Golden and David Augello. Arrillaga is not standing for election.

Yesner then introduced Dwight Kilgore, the new facilities manager. He would usually provide a monthly report, but they told Kilgore that wasn’t necessary as it was his first week on the job.

Sainz began her report by saying that she had finished preparing a draft budget for consideration and noted an error in a TECO bill that she discovered during the process. (Editor’s note: After the meeting, Sells reported to WOW that the adjustment amounted to a credit of $10,189.05.)

Sainz reported that Borrell Electric provided a quote for $4,677 to carry out the electrical work required to install an air conditioning unit in the West Park Village pool lifeguard’s office, adding that they may need to do additional work based on the current building infrastructure. Holt wanted to know if the quote included the extra work, and Sainz said she would look into it.

Sainz secured three bids to replace five windows in the lifeguard office and two in the adjacent storage building. Holt made a motion to allow Armorvue (which provided the cheapest quote and fastest turnaround time) to replace only the five windows in the lifeguard’s office at this time. All directors voted in favour.

The metal roofs of the pool buildings need to be painted or replaced, Sainz said, adding that the paint could not be guaranteed due to the sun. She had a roof replacement quote for around $60,000. Brinker said it made more sense to replace the roofs and offered Sainz to secure additional bids for the project, which passed unanimously.

Concluding her report, Sainz said that while reviewing the budget she came across a single line item of $9,900 for a bale hopper that was no longer needed and asked if that money could be split between renovations to the bathroom of the two swimming pools. Arrillaga made a motion in favour, which passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 8 p.m.

By Lynn González


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