Watch: ‘Drunk’ wedding guests set fire to decorations while dancing


Popping firecrackers at the end of a marriage is common in the West. However, one family’s fun turned to horror for a little while when a guest accidentally started a fire. Thankfully, it aired quickly, but the “drunk” man’s antics went viral online.

Dressed in a suit, the bearded and visibly tipsy man is seen dancing behind another guest, a woman, like the 1992 hit “I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred is heard playing on speakers. Then suddenly the floral decoration on a wooden barrel behind him ignites with the firecrackers he is holding in his hand. As the person filming the video and guests are heard shouting “ahhhhh…fire…fire,” the man is seen dancing happily unaware of what is happening behind him.

Another woman is seen running to stop the flames from spreading through the barn, ripping the white tulle curtain from the front door. The man too is now seen trying to put out the flames. He is seen nonchalantly wiping the burning decoration with his arm as chaos ensues with screams and laughter.

After a few minutes, he is seen trying to put it out by stomping on the burning decoration, while another man steps forward to spray water on it. While the other guests could let out a sigh of relief when the fire was extinguished, the man seemed quite indifferent and continued to dance.

According to daily mail, the original video posted on TikTok has been deleted. However, the video shared on Twitter has racked up over 13 million views so far.

While people were happy nothing serious happened, many pointed out how it could have gotten worse if he hadn’t been checked in time. Others, however, were simply in awe of how he managed to put out the flames without “caring about the world”.


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