Volterra Architectural Products Launches Line of Decorative Steel Ceiling Beams


PHOENIX, August 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Volterra architectural products launched what is believed to be the first range of false steel ceiling beams. These decorative beams are made from premium poplar wood, but replicate the look of steel I-beams.

Although originally known to be America’s largest manufacturer of polyurethane faux wood beams, Volterra Architectural Products now also offers faux steel beams that can be installed in virtually any space. Steel ceiling beams are often referred to as “I-beams” because they are shaped like a capital letter I and are frequently used in industrial architecture projects. Structural steel exposed beams have become a sought-after appearance that was previously only available to commercial businesses. or high-end residential construction. Volterra’s faux steel beams are changing that.

“We developed this product so that architects and builders can achieve the look of structural steel with decorative faux steel beams. Volterra pioneered faux steel I-beams, and we are the only manufacturer to produce this product on a large scale, ”said Beth williams, Marketing Manager at Volterra Architectural Products. “We have seen a dramatic increase in the volume of research and orders for these beams in 2021, possibly due to the growing popularity of the modern industrial building style.”

Modern industrial style is a design trend inspired by old factories, warehouses and industrial spaces. The style includes clean architecture, weathered-looking surfaces, and raw elements, such as exposed brickwork and steel ceiling beams. Installing faux wood beams is an easy way to add modern industrial flair to any space.

Volterras’ faux steel I beams are made in their state-of-the-art carpentry workshop. Each decorative beam consists of three planks of poplar wood, which are handcrafted and painted to resemble structural steel beams. Because they are made with wooden planks, the beam is lightweight and can be installed easily by someone with basic carpentry skills. Most often, faux steel I beams are installed to add depth and curb appeal to kitchens, living rooms and other loft-like spaces.

These beams can be ordered to measure and are available in three different finishes. Those who need help ordering the right size beams or just want to learn more should contact Volterra Architectural Products and speak to a customer service representative.

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Volterra Architectural Products is America’s largest manufacturer of premium quality faux wood beams and architectural details in high density polyurethane foam, and now faux steel beams. Volterra also manufactures crown molding and hardwood millwork products, flexible moldings and trim. Most of Volterra’s distinct architectural products are proudly crafted in the United States. For more information visit https://volterraproducts.com/

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