Video captures man stealing inflatable Halloween decorations


“They come and stand in front of Jack and take pictures. They want to give them a hug, it’s really fun to see that because they’re just excited about the candy and the decorations at the same time, ”said Magdalene Garcia.

Garcia is quite proud of her collection. It’s something that she seeks to add every year and people are noticing it.

“It’s a joy for the whole neighborhood and for all the people here and for all the children who really like to come here to do things or treats,” said Tom Salas, member of the neighborhood association.

But this year, his collection has been reduced. Garcia was alerted by video of an unknown white car in her driveway on Monday. In the video, a man started stealing his decorations. A neighbor’s camera captured the same white car from a different angle.

“I went out, pajamas and all, to look and sure enough I noticed they were gone, so I peeked into the yard to see what else was missing,” Garcia said. .

Five different inflatables were taken: a giant ghost, Oogie Boogie, two Jack Skellington inflatables and, perhaps his favorite, a 16-foot cutter.

“We shot them all, we just said, I don’t want them to come and steal the rest of them,” Garcia said.

But, determined not to let a villain spoil everyone’s fun, she changed her mind. They hope the culprit too.

“It would be nice to wake up and find them one day in the front yard. Yeah, no questions asked, ”said Steve Garcia.

If anyone has any information, they are asked to contact the police.

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