Victims of December 2021 Jones County tornado return home for new renovations


PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) – On Friday afternoon, Barbara Breland, affectionately known as “Miss Bunny”, was helped up the stairs to her new home. It was her first time back inside with all the new renovations.

The December 2019 tornadoes left her home devastated.

“I felt like I was just torn because I had been in my home for over 40 years. It felt like I had lost my friend, my home, my home. It was my first home Breland says.

Fortunately, the Glory House contacted her and wanted to help her rebuild her house.

“Glory House is just a local mission organization, right here on Second Avenue, that loves people. Loving God and loving people is basically our mission,” says Hope Staples, co-founder and director of the organization.

But before Miss Bunny agreed to let them build her house, she had one request.

“Miss Bunny said ‘Honey, I don’t know, I must have a veranda.’ And so in September we went to see her and said, “We can build your veranda, now will you let us build your house?” says Jackie Stewart, Breland’s social worker.

“They did it for me. I have my own room with my plants, and I can have fun in my own privacy,” Breland.

Now Miss Bunny says she is delighted to return home and welcome all her family and friends.

“We hope this home brings you a lifetime of love, joy and happiness,” says Stewart.

The Glory House also featured five other family homes today. In total, the organization managed the renovations of more than 40 houses.

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