Toronto family Christmas exhibit restored after vandals slashed decorations


Strangers have gathered around a family in Toronto to restore their massive inflatable Christmas display after it was torn up on their lawn by a suspected vandal last week.

First reported by CTV News Toronto, Diana Goldie said the outpouring of support she received in the days following the story’s publication was “overwhelming.”

“It’s really nice to see how people have stepped up – people we don’t even know,” Goldie said on the phone Tuesday.

The decorations have now returned to their former glory with the help of a local seamstress known as “Santa Surgeon,” a GoFundMe campaign created by a stranger who hit his goal of $ 2,500 in a matter of hours, and over a dozen inflatables were donated. by Tim Hortons and Canadian Tire.

“When we put [the decorations]for the last few days we’ve had to stop every 10 minutes because people were driving honking in support, ”said Goldie’s husband Steve Jelly.

Goldie’s daughter Elizabeth, 18, who originally installed the decorations earlier this month, admitted the family planned to end their tradition of more than a decade after the destruction of the exposure.

“We planned to stop installing inflatables next year and maybe just throw in Christmas lights instead,” Elizabeth said. “But then everyone got together and it was so amazing. I am flabbergasted.

The family said they were also given a number of cards, some of which included cash, wishing them luck and offering to help in any way they can.

However, since most of the decorations have already been replaced or repaired, Goldie said they plan to donate the money received to charity.

And while the family recognizes that the decorations are still vulnerable to vandalism, they hope that “lightning doesn’t strike twice” and that the tradition can continue for years to come.


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