Tile Backsplash Ideas: 10 Ways To Add Detail To Kitchen Walls


Tile backsplash ideas can cover an entire wall, or be used in a smaller area between countertops and cabinetry, or behind a stove top, but regardless of their use in a kitchen design, they are a characteristic that has an impact.

As a wall decoration, tiles can be timeless, elegant and understated, or bold in a vibrant color. Wonderfully versatile, it can complement kitchens with rustic appeal or contemporary references – and any style in between.

The choice of backsplash should never be overlooked among your kitchen ideas as it is fundamental for kitchen design. And of course, it’s also functional, protecting the walls from the splashes and splashes that are inevitable in the room environment.

Tile backsplash ideas

While they can be simple or striking, tile backsplash ideas should always engage the room and complement its aesthetic, including the color and material palette. Here we have put together various kitchen backsplash ideas to consider when remodeling your kitchen, along with some designer tips.

1. Make the design consistent

Kitchen with blue cabinets, sink and faucet, window and tile backsplash

(Image credit: Colordrunk Designs Elizabeth Day Photography)

Go for tile backsplash ideas to make a kitchen design cohesive. “A mix of soft grays, white and a bit of striping was all we needed to add depth and interest to this tiled wall,” says Jenna Buck Gross of Colordrunk Designs of this pretty idea for kitchen wall tiles.

“The hint of terracotta glaze on the edges of these handmade tiles references the rich color of the floor and perfectly unites the entire room, from top to bottom. “

2. Play with tones

tiled splashback idea

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day)

If you’re looking for white kitchen backsplash ideas, it’s easy to add an accent with the tile selected for the backsplash, but consider whether a color block is better or a range of shades.

In this kitchen, the latter path was taken with tiling in a mix of blues and greens. The effect is a bit softer than the alternative, but the organic tones still bring natural energy into the room, while the small diamond shape of the tile design also makes it an eye-catching element.

3. Change shape

A white kitchen with a blue island and white and blue patterned tiles.

(Image credit: Studio Vernacular / Ruby & Peach Photo)

Consider form when it comes to tile backsplash ideas. While subway tile rectangles as well as square tiles can be great choices, there is a range of wonderful tile shapes. Earnings? Going for an interesting shape can create a beautiful geometric pattern on the wall, which can be highlighted by choosing a grout color that contrasts with the tile.

Choose a curvaceous tile shape like this, created with mosaic tiles, and you can also create a nice contrast to the straight lines of the cabinets and appliances in the room.

4. Let the subway tiles appear

Kitchen with white white cabinets and blue subway tile backsplash

(Image credit: Kim Armstrong Interior Design)

A white subway tile is a classic backsplash option, but browse other colors as well, especially when white cabinetry is your preference. A backsplash in a bold tone can create an accent for the room that can be echoed in little kitchen essentials for a cohesive look.

Also consider a glossy finish like this. This makes the backsplash even more eye-catching.

5. Go in the dark

Kitchen with dining table and chairs, island and stove with backsplash

(Image credit: Maestri Studio Photography: Nathan Shroder)

One trend that many of us have fallen for is black or charcoal-toned kitchens, and we’re convinced this isn’t a look that’s going to fall out of favor, in part because it’s such a color. handy for stove backsplash ideas.

This could mean using cabinets in one of those fancy shades, or perhaps combining them with white or wood cabinetry. But these tones also work well as tile backsplash ideas, like in this room.

A range of shades of gray along with a subtle pattern make this backsplash a design with interesting detailing, and the glossy finish keeps the kitchen light filled.

6. Create an upscale style

Kitchen with neutral cabinets and island and neutral floor and white tile backsplash

(Image credit: Mark Williams Design Photography: Erica George Dines)

Simple white tile is rightly popular, but how do you look away from the everyday when considering tile backsplash ideas? Get inspired by Mark Williams and Niki Papadopoulos from Mark Williams Design

“Tile backsplashes don’t have to be too busy or bright to look good,” they say. “Even a simple subway tile backsplash can be raised using an oversized, hand-cut, glazed tile. The handcrafted quality and subtle texture give even the simplest kitchen a nice upscale feel. ‘

7. Bring nature in

Kitchen with white and wood cabinets, white island, parquet and backsplash in natural tiles

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio Photography: Chad Mellon)

Bringing in the outdoors is a winning decorative strategy, including for a kitchen where it will create a comfortable, cozy and warm space. For a room like this, choose a natural stone tile that features a range of shades and an attractive texture for the backsplash, and pair it with other natural finishes like wood.

The important thing with natural stone is to verify that the choice is suitable for kitchen wall decor ideas.

Metal backsplash ideas with tiles

(Image credit: La Cornue)

For a sophisticated kitchen design, turn to 3D metal backsplash ideas for the backsplash. It can create an amazing wall decoration with light and shadow that enhances the visual interest of the kitchen without compromising on functionality issues.

For a luxurious effect, follow the example of this piece with gold details and crisp checks.

9. Brighten up with a pattern

Patterned tile backsplash behind sink and faucet in kitchen

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

A pattern injection is suitable for a country kitchen, and the backsplash can be the perfect place to introduce it into the room. While an entire wall of a colorful pattern can be overwhelming, tiles behind the sink and faucet, above a stove, or between the countertop and bottom cabinets along a wall could be a charming element.

Classic pattern choices could complement a home’s story, but modern geometric designs can be just as appealing and create a rustic look for a kitchen wherever your home is.

10. Bring out the best in a favorite tile

Kitchen with gray island and wooden counter, white cabinets and parquet

(Image credit: Maggie Griffin Design Photography: Brian Bieder)

Pay attention to the quality of the texture of the white subway tiles to make it an eye-catching element.

“Tile can make a bold statement in a space, and I love the look of a textured tile to really accentuate movement and add a layer of shine to the room,” says Maggie Griffin, Founder and Lead Designer of Maggie Griffin Design.

What Type of Tile is Best for a Kitchen Backsplash?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a fabulous choice for a kitchen backsplash. While porcelain has the benefit of durability for kitchen floors, footfall is not an issue for a backsplash, so ceramic tile is suitable for the wall as well. The other advantages of ceramics and porcelain are that they are easy to maintain and the range of designs on offer make it easy to find a tile you like.

Natural stone tiles can also be an option, but ask your supplier for advice as sealing may be necessary and maintenance needs will likely be greater.

Should the backsplash be lighter or darker than the countertop?

There is no hard and fast rule as to whether a backsplash should be lighter or darker than the countertop and you should always consider the color scheme of the room as a whole.

But for international interior designer Katharine Pooley, a lighter may be preferable. “I generally think a contrasting backsplash works better as a lighter shade (rather than darker) than other finishes,” she says.


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