Thousands of dollars in Halloween decorations were stolen from Arvada’s house


ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) – At the corner of 76th and Harlan in Arvada, the Klein family’s Halloween exhibit has become a community staple.

Dozens of inflatable decorations, some over 20 feet, welcome passers-by and trick-or-treaters each year.

“Every year we add new pieces,” Klein said. “We are very proud of it. “

This year, they estimate that nearly 1,000 trick-or-treaters have come to their doorstep, where the kids have candy and the adults have a photo of something a little stronger.

“It’s fun,” Klein said. “And that’s what Halloween is.”

But when Klein was walking out of her driveway to go to work Tuesday morning, she noticed that something didn’t seem right.

“I noticed that our newer and larger decoration was gone,” she said. “We realized he was missing, along with several others.”

They believe a group of adults spent more than an hour in their backyard Monday night, quietly cutting the ties holding the decorations and stuffing them into two cars parked nearby.

Surveillance video from a neighbor’s house reportedly captured a red truck making several passes in front of the house on Halloween and then again on Monday night.

“It breaks my heart,” she said. “All I can think of is that they were there on Halloween night?” Did they shake my hand? Did they give me a hug and say thank you?

The Klein family are still sorting out what was stolen and destroyed, but they believe it is valued at over $ 2,000.

One item, a large inflatable skull, is a bit of a collector’s item, according to Klein, and she’s hoping someone sees it and recognizes it as being stolen.

“I believe there have been eight sold across the country,” she said. “If you see this one, it’s mine.”

The couple also hold an annual Christmas exhibit, featuring an inflatable mailbox where kids can send (and receive) letters from Santa.

She asks the responsible person to return the items, no questions asked. Anyone with information can also call the Arvada Police.

“It’s not about me or my husband, it’s about what it does for our neighborhood and our community,” she said. “That’s all it is about.”


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