This smart iPad tray and organizer turns your messy kitchen into a smart kitchen


As someone who’s tried watching and following a recipe on YouTube, I can attest to the fact that cooking with nearby gadgets is a bit of a tragedy waiting to happen. You get your hands dirty, then your screen dirty, then you have trouble unlocking your device because you have paste on the fingerprint sensor or the camera. Chances are you’ll spill things on the counter and get your phone soaked, or worse, you’ll accidentally spill something because you’re in a hurry. Designed by mother-daughter duo Mirabela and Alessia, the SousShelf is a handy kitchen countertop appliance that organizes your workflow so you don’t leave a mess that you then have to clean up. The SousShelf, designed to look like a storage tray, comes with its own tablet and phone holder, containers for cooking utensils, a dedicated bottle opener, a set of coasters, and get this, a stylus that lets you control your gadget without getting your paws dirty on that pristine touchscreen.

Creators: Mirabela & Alessia Muresan from AlessiaAdora®

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A clever twist on the name Sous Chef (or Assistant Chef), the SousShelf simply makes life in the kitchen easier. You can watch Netflix while you cook, film a TikTok, or just watch a recipe video while you whip up something fancy for a date, and the SousShelf just makes sure everything you need is organized. and accessible. The built-in tablet/phone stand means you can watch things on the screen without holding your device, and the UnderShelf even contains a stylus that works on capacitive touchscreens, so you can swipe, tap, type, and navigate without taking fingerprints or food on your expensive gadget.

Maple finish

Walnut finish

Designed and manufactured in Canada, the UnderShelf is available in maple and walnut finishes using local native wood. Each shelf comes with 4 wooden coasters, two porcelain utensil holders, a nested bottle opener and a dual-tip touchscreen stylus. The UnderShelf isn’t necessarily a kitchen accessory either – you can use it as a bedside organizer, bathroom cart or simply as a dining table accessory that doubles as a tablet holder and a cutlery organizer.

Functionality for Any Room – Use your UnderShelf as a desk organizer, snack tray, or bathroom cart.

As people struggled with sourdough starters in 2020, mother-daughter duo Mirabela and Alessia were focused on solving much bigger problems. Not everyone is an intuitive cook, and chances are you want to consult a recipe (or an experienced cook) while preparing something in the kitchen. Determined to create an organizer that keeps the kitchen clean, keeps your gadget accessible, and takes up a small chunk of counter space, Mirabela and Alessia set out to design the UnderShelf.

The shelf measures 18″ in diameter and 6.5″ deep, making it perfect for countertops, kitchen islands, or even dining tables. Its 0.33″ stand fits all standard tablets and phones (unless you have an extremely thick case), and the stylus is guaranteed to work with most contemporary touchscreens. Yanko Design readers can grab their very own UnderShelf for a special discounted price of $75 CAD ($59 USD) with international shipping beginning as early as August 2022. Oh, and Mirabela and Alessia are also pledging to plant a tree for every UnderShelf sold !

Click here to buy now: $59 $118 (52% off). Hurry up, exclusive for YD readers only.


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