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Kumbalangi’s beautiful countryside, with its pristine lakes, dense mangroves, and rows of Chinese fishing nets, attracts nature lovers. Dinesh, a bank manager, had bought an 8-cent piece of land here because he and his family had also fallen in love with the incredible natural beauty of Kumbalangi. The owner had clear ideas about the needs even before the house plan was drawn.

The family insisted that the house easily receive the cool breeze from the lake. They also wanted to enjoy the splendid view of nature from the comfort of their home. In addition, they needed just enough facilities for a family of four to live comfortably. The architect is to the credit of having designed such a remarkable home, responding to the tastes and interests of family members.

The exteriors are not decorated with fancy design elements and the house is in a quiet area which is not too busy. Meanwhile, the interiors are designed to receive plenty of natural light and air. This indeed fills the interiors with positive waves which also inspire family members.

Designed in 1,850 square feet, this astonishing mansion features a car porch, living room, living room and dining room, courtyard, kitchen with workspace and dining area. ‘a bathroom adjoining the bedroom on the ground floor. Meanwhile, there are two further bedrooms adjoining the bathroom, an upper living room and an open terrace on the upper level.

The elegance of minimalism is the highlight of interiors. The spaces are designed in the open theme without any partitions. The living and dining room, the staircase and the kitchen are all part of the spacious hall. This ensures incredible spatial efficiency and the areas look and feel larger as well.

You could easily catch the view of the lovely leafy courtyard as soon as you opened the front door. The spectacular painting of a centrally placed tree instantly catches the eye. Meanwhile, bamboo and other indoor plants give this space a great vibe. Rustic finish tiles were paved on the floor in the sit out. Plus, the brick cladding on the wall here looks attractive.

There is very little furniture inside the house, which makes the spaces open and spacious. A small sofa is all that is in the formal living room. A simple glass dining table and two benches are arranged in the dining room. Meanwhile, the hanging bed near the stairs is a nice addition. Interestingly, the space under the stairs could also be used as a study area. Tiles with a natural stone finish were used for the flooring here.

The pooja space is designed in the concealed style to effectively manage the space. The staircase handrails feature the classic combination of metal and wood. The first landing is highlighted by an exposed brick cladding which exudes a rustic charm.

The two bedrooms on the top floor have balconies which open to fascinating views of nature outside. From these balconies, one could enjoy the cool wind, the lush greenery and the haunting beauty of the Kumabalangi lakes.

The family say their beautiful home is the best place to unwind after a busy day at work. This house has been aptly named ‘Thanal’ which means shade or shelter. Dinesh and her family are happy that they were able to have a fabulous time together in the safety and comfort of their brand new home.

Project facts

Location – Kumbalangi, Ernakulam

Land – 8 cents

Area – 1850 SFT

Owner – Dinesh

Designer – Anil Thomas

Katic Designs, Edappally

Crowd – 9995805757

Completion year – 2021


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