The very original surfaces and worktops of SapienStone for the kitchen of 2022 go with everything


Interior design for 2022 maintains a strong focus on food, one of the most dynamic spaces in the house.
The kitchen has always had a vocation of collective conviviality space, corn today’s cuisine is much more than that. The many changes in society in recent years have added to the functions performed by this central space of the house, as will be seen, for example, in kitchen living spaces adapt the living space to the new standards, requirements and rhythms of daily life.

In recent years, the kitchen has been the most popular room in the house. experimentation among designers, both in the new devices offered and in customizable modular furniture, all capable of improving performance and livability.
Pocket doors and walk-in pantries conceal essential parts of the kitchen while adding to its appeal, practicality and order. The popularity of islands and peninsulas is confirmed for the new year thanks to their practicality to cook and socialize in the greatest comfort, as well as their attraction providing a visual focus for the kitchen.

Regarding the choice of materials, high-tech ceramic is the material that makes the most difference in the kitchen.

Ceramic materials of all kinds combine beautiful, useful and practical design with strength, durability and easy cleaning typical of porcelain. A material with original and often surprising effects, porcelain also anticipates new industry trends, responding to new consumer tastes and aspirations.

The small patches of material and the neutral background colors of the surfaces allow Il Veneziano to add an original touch of timeless elegance to the kitchen while maintaining the technical performance of full body porcelain. Its outstanding properties include easy matching with other SapienStone surfaces and countertops.

Seminato beige, for example, has a pink background speckled with light and dark fragments, perfect for “creation of sculptural kitchen islands in the center of the room, which can add a certain elegance and warmth to the space”.

The combination of delicate shades creates a particularly cozy atmosphere that goes perfectly with the light colors of Arabescato or the wood effect of Rovere buckskin.

Seminato Candido is the lightest surface of the Veneziano collection, with its fascinating white background speckled with shades of black, beige and gray. Refined and modern, “it can be combined with Seminato Nero to create color contrasts that give the kitchen an impression of movement, but its neutral tones allow it to go perfectly with all the colors used in the kitchen”.
Seminato Nero is the most contemporary surface covering in the new SapienStone collection. Its dark surface is illuminated by lighter pieces of marble, like specks of light mitigating the drama of its black background. When paired with Seminato Bianco, the result is a sophisticated worktop for a captivating and mysterious kitchen.

The three worktops of the Il Veneziano collection by SapienStone are 12 mm thick to ensure a large visual lightness combined with absolute technical resistance. The materials are produced in large slabs of 320×150 cm to be covered large surfaces without joints or grouting.

Made from carefully selected natural materials, SapienStone ceramic tiles are sustainably made in zero emission production plants. Scrap metal is fed back into the production cycle and countertops can be recycled when no longer needed.

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