The Kitchen Studio: Mold Welcomes New Downtown Business


The NEW BUSINESSES in Mold certainly occupy the city mayor with another who has opened.

Mold Kitchen Studio, located in the Daniel Owen neighborhood, combines over 40 years of design, sales and installation experience.

Mayor of Mold Councilor Sarah Taylor with one of the kitchen designs

The idea for Mold Kitchen Studio was born 18 months ago when co-directors Dave Evans and Robert Hamlett (both kitchen specialists) met over coffee to discuss their frustrations working in the kitchen industry. mass production.

Several coffees later, and after much sighing and puffing, a vision for the new studio was formed. Their vision is centered on building a business focused on quality and personalized approaches to kitchen design, sale and installation.

The Chef: The Mayor of Mold, Councilor Sarah Taylor, and Robert Hamlett, Dave Evans and Tom Parratt of Mold Kitchen Studio celebrate its opening.The Mayor of Mold, Councilor Sarah Taylor, and Robert Hamlett, Dave Evans and Tom Parratt of Mold Kitchen Studio celebrate its opening.

Dave Evans said: “The move away from the world of mass production, prescriptive retail means the team can really listen to each customer’s needs and we can customize the design to suit their preferences.

“Plus, the team that responds to the initial customer contact will be the same team that designs, sells, installs the final product and takes care of all follow-up needs.

“There will be no call centers, no transition from pillar to post, and no unrealistic promises.”

The leader:

Robert Hamlett added, “The team’s vision to establish a quality-driven, human-oriented business meant that Mold was the preferred natural location.

“Unlike many regions, Mold has maintained a vibrant city center, with high footfall and a strong sense of community.

“The mayor’s support for new businesses is evident, and this, combined with the welcoming approach of existing businesses, confirmed that Mold was the perfect choice. In turn, Mold Kitchen Studio reached out to other local businesses and initiatives to form sourcing partnerships.

“We are delighted to open the doors to our studio and look forward to meeting clients. ”

The leader:

The Mayor of Mold, Councilor Sarah Taylor, said: “I was delighted that I was asked to officially open Mold Kitchen Studio. see it all come together.

“The kitchen displays look great and there are some fantastic space saving features too.

“It was great to hear that the studio will also be selling small kitchen appliances and white goods in the near future, so even if you don’t want a new kitchen, it’s definitely worth stopping by to see what they have more for sale, but don’t be surprised if you walk out of there with a new kitchen because they are awesome. ”

The leader:

You can visit the Mold Kitchen Studio at their premises at Unit 4 Daniel Owen Precinct, Mold CH7 1AP or call 01352 217061 or you can contact the team via email [email protected] or facebook https: / / / MoldKitchenStudio

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