The Grim Wreather Brings Goosebumps to Front Doors Around the World


Sarah Claxton is better known as the “Grim Wreather”. She uses her creativity to create spooky door decorations for her business, the Grim Wreath.

Knoxville, Tenn. – Chances are you’ve never seen a door decoration quite like what the Grim Wreather does. She specializes in scary.

Sarah Claxton is the Knoxville maker behind the company, the Grim Wreath.

She’s only been creating her spooky crowns for about a year and a half. During this period, she gained tens of thousands of followers and hundreds of orders.

Inside Claxton’s house, fear is a constant state of mind.

“Halloween isn’t just a day of the year for us, it’s a way of life,” Claxton said. “It’s 365 days a year, and that’s what I base my business on. People just loved it.”

His dining room is the headquarters of his business at the moment. There is always a painted project on the table. It takes door decoration to the next level.

“Obviously, I draw a lot of inspiration from horror movies and very scary culture, but all of my ideas are my own,” Claxton said.

It’s more than a horror-filled pastime. It’s his full-time job.

“It’s my life,” Claxton said. “Crownout is my life and it literally saved my life. I found myself in a very dark place at this time two years ago.”

Like many others, the pandemic gave her a new perspective on how she wanted to spend her time. It all started with a crown she made herself.

When she posted the photo on social media, she received thousands of shares. Soon, people started filling her inbox asking for their own crowns.

“I just started training more and more, and I woke up one day, about 3 months after doing wreaths, and decided that I was going to quit my job to continue doing wreaths full-time,” Claxton said.

She jumped in fear.

“Leaving my day job was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but it was so worth it to me,” Claxton said. “I’m very happy to be able to wake up every day and do what I love.”

Since then, she has gained tens of thousands of subscribers online who share her love of spooky creation.

“I’ve long thought I was the only one kind of like that, enjoying the scary 365 days a year, but you’d be really surprised how many people actually do it,” Claxton said.

Now she’s putting her own spin on vacations and spooky movies.

“Concepts come at the weirdest times: in the gym or at the grocery store,” Claxton said. “I’m grateful. I’ve never had to turn down a concept because I couldn’t do it yet.”

Not everything has to be bloody, however, and she finds a way to incorporate a year-round holiday into her spooky theme.

“My crowns aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay,” Claxton said. “Everyone has their own specific tastes, but I’ve also been asked to create wreaths that aren’t so scary, and my clients have loved them.”

Universal even recognized his work and gave him the most horrible opportunity of his life.

“[They] asked me to create a crown for them for their 2021 Home Entertainment release of Candyman,” Claxton said. “So I ended up creating a crown for Universal Studios, and I was the very first ‘crown’ to work for them.”

Although her craftsmanship may be frightening to some, the inspiration she found will fuel her fire for years to come.

“Don’t let fear stop you,” Claxton said. “Fear will be your greatest downfall in any business venture or creative adventure you wish to undertake.”

The Grim Wreather will continue to manage with “fear”. She plans to open her own studio in the near future. She has already hired an assistant to help with the influx of orders.

The Grim Wreather isn’t currently accepting new orders until May, and if you want to be on their Halloween Wreath Commission list, you should aim to sign up in May.

Claxton also plans to give back to others in the future. She believes that everyone has creativity within them and she wants to help reveal it.

You can follow his creations on all social media channels. To order and view previous work, go to


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