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Drew and Jonathan Scott have renovated hundreds of homes, so it’s rare that they build a feature they’ve never done before. However, on the last “Property Brothers: Forever Home”, they unveil a new first, and it is for a very good cause.

In the Season 6 episode “Building on the Memories”, Drew and Jonathan meet Renee and her 12 year old daughter, Audrey. After the death of her husband, Renée was not ready to move house, even if it no longer suited their needs. But with Audrey growing up, Renee realizes that they need a more comfortable home, as well as a fresh start.

Renee has $ 160,000 to update her Calgary, AB home to match her eclectic style. Check out the unique new features that the Scott Brothers are adding to this place, some of which you may also want to add to your own home.

Wood slats (with lighting) can help brighten up an entryway

Before: this entrance was cramped and awkward.


The cramped entrance is one of the biggest problems with this house. From the moment Drew and Jonathan set foot in this house, they know the space needs an update. The brothers end up dismantling a wall and replacing it with a wooden screen, with lights suspended between wooden slats.

front door
After: Now the entrance is glamorous.


Not only does this feature of wood open up the layout, it also adds light to the entryway and brings in a lot of that eclectic style that Renee loves.

“All of a sudden, it’s not just an architectural detail, but also a lighting element,” explains Jonathan. He adds that this is a new design move for him. “I’ve never put something like this before. It is a special feature for a special family.

Create a piano corner to showcase this pretty instrument

The piano is an eye-catching element.


Renée wants this renovation to mark a new beginning after her husband’s death, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to erase all traces of him from her home. She therefore asks the brothers to keep a decor that reminds her of him, such as a painting and the piano. Her husband used to play this instrument, and now Renée hopes to make it a centerpiece in the living room.

The brothers know that a characteristic wall is not uncommon in a living room, but they recognize that most people don’t have a piano to use as a centerpiece.

“As a rule, we build, for example, a fireplace hearth or a multimedia wall,” explains Jonathan.

The team refinishes the piano, then creates a built-in corner by adding small walls on either side of the instrument and black panels and lights above. When the functionality is complete, the piano appears to have been made for this place in the living room.

“Few homes have a piano, and few homes have a piano niche perfectly designed for it,” says Drew. “It’s going to have style. I like the detail on the wall, the sconces, perfect.

Bold cabinet color throughout adds personality

Before: This kitchen used to be old fashioned and small.


Renee tells Drew and Jonathan that she really wants a unique and eclectic look in her house. When she goes on an inspirational tour with Drew, she falls in love with the teal cabinetry in the show house. And while many homeowners might prefer two-tone cabinets because they only allow for a little pop of color, Renee wants all her wardrobes to be teal. This is exactly what the Scott brothers deliver.

Renee loves these teal blue cabinets.


“I know I wanted teal cabinets,” Renee says, “and the fact that they’re all teal, not half and half, I love that.”

While this look isn’t for everyone, opting for a bold cabinet color is perfect for a homeowner who wants to fill the kitchen with personality.

Mix and match your lighting for an eclectic look

These lights feel very unique.


To complete Renee’s eclectic kitchen design, Jonathan chooses unique light fixtures that this homeowner is sure to love. Renee mentioned that she doesn’t like things to be too “matchy-matchy”, so Jonathan installs different styles and sizes of pendant lights, which gives the space a more personalized look.

When Renee sees the new lights, she is impressed.

“I love the lights, the fact that they’re not the same here as they are there,” Renee says.

Too much color on the walls can overwhelm a room

craft room
The brothers give this craft room a nice new color.


As Renee gets the kitchen of her dreams, Audrey asks the brothers to redesign her craft room. She wants this room to have bright, vibrant colors, but Jonathan has some concerns.

“If you go too bold with, like, the main color, then all of a sudden the palette is a little too chaotic,” he says.

Jonathan ends up painting the room a light but playful blue. It’s a beautiful color, and once the built-in desk, cabinets, corkboard, and sewing station are set up, this room has a lot going for it. It’s a good thing Jonathan isn’t too bold on the walls.

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