The DIY genius shares a cheap tip to create a great living room decoration with a 99p plate from Home Bargains


A DIY genius CRAFTY has turned a boring 99p plate from Home Bargains into a stunning living room decoration.

Transforming your home and adding a little something new to your living space can be an expensive project – but there are ways to do it without breaking the bank.


The prodigy had bought the plaque from Home Bargains for just 99pCredit: Instagram/the_house_acc
From an ordinary plate to a stunning ruffled bowl in minutes


From an ordinary plate to a stunning ruffled bowl in minutesCredit: Instagram/the_house_acc

A self-proclaimed DIY boss, Robyn Stanleyfrom the UK, took him to Instagram to share one of the many ways to create affordable decorations.

In a videowho took the social media giant by storm, the crafty prodigy showed how she transformed an ordinary Home Bargains plate into a stunning bowl.

Not only did it cost him less than a pound, but it also took 2.5 minutes.

Robyn decided to try the easy hack after being inspired by fellow DIY and upcycling pro, Frances (@100yearsinmanufacturing), which had used an old vinyl plate to create a ruffled bowl.

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”So I saw my good friend Fran @100yearsinmanufacturing make one out of an old vinyl record,’ Robyn wrote in the caption.

“Well……I didn’t have any old records, so I thought I’d try with a 99p plate of @homebargains and it still worked [wink emoji].”

To make a cheap dupe for the ruffled bowl, which she had seen retail for £45, the savvy mum simply preheated the oven to 160C.

Once ready, she sautéed the plate for about 2.5 minutes, then carefully molded the dish, giving it a new shape and some ruffles.

Once the bowl had cooled, Robyn took it out for one last step of the makeover – giving it a fresh coat of color.

For this, she set the bowl down on the sidewalk and generously sprayed on a thick coat of white paint.

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But beware, she warned: “Let me tell you, the first attempt didn’t go as planned.”

The short tutorial has gone viral and has been liked over 80,000 times since it was uploaded.

Countless Instagram users also took to the comments to thank the crafty mom for sharing the easy hack.

Many, like this person, were so impressed with the results that they were eager to try it too.

”Certainly not!! Am shaken! Lol definitely does that… it. ”

Another recalled his childhood: “We used to do something similar to kids with crispy packets (kinda dangerous issues).

”We put them under the broiler to melt and save five fires, they caught fire, stick a safety pin in the back while they’re still hot and you’ve got a badge [sic].”

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However, not everyone was so impressed with the DIY, as one unlucky person who tried the hack wrote: “It didn’t work! It’s still hard after 10 minutes in the oven.

One reviewer pointed out: ”It sounds amazing, but what about the toxic molten plastic fumes. ”

She put the plate on a sheet of parchment paper


She put the plate on a sheet of parchment paperCredit: Instagram/the_house_acc
Once out of the oven, the DIY prodigy gave the bowl the desired effect


Once out of the oven, the DIY prodigy gave the bowl the desired effectCredit: Instagram/the_house_acc
Final touches with a generous spray of white paint


Final touches with a generous spray of white paintCredit: Instagram/the_house_acc

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