The Canadian couple who created a Simpsons-style kitchen


Obviously, they are fans of the series. Hamilton told CBC that the show is like a big security blanket he turns to when he’s feeling down. The couple were also looking for a way to renovate the kitchen without having to shell out a lot of money. Andreychuk told CBC that doing a “retrofit (keeping the old, but making it new)” allows them to use what they already have. And because their 1950s kitchen had a lot in common with that of The Simpsons, it made sense to replicate that.

So, how do you go about recreating the world kitchen from “The Simpsons” cartoon? According to BuzzFeed, the bulk of their upgrades were pretty budget-friendly, with around $300 paid for little things like contact paper to make their cabinets and appliances more Simpsons-like. How did they invent corncob curtains? Andreychuk said, “I was able to order the fabric from a website where you can download any graphic and they’ll take it and print it on fabric” (via National Post). Their biggest expense was flooring, which was $2,000.

This investment has yielded more than just a fun kitchen. It also earned them a mention in the animated sitcom. Andreychuk and Hamilton were named players in a hockey game watched by Bart and Homer (per Global News). It’s worthy of an “Ay caramba”, that’s for sure.


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