The best Christmas table decorations for 2022, including a John Lewis centerpiece you’ll use all year round


This year we are all in competition to find the best Christmas table decorations. “Customers enjoy the fun of decorating the table and making it a visual feast for guests,” says Nicola Hattersley, Senior Table Buyer at John Lewis. “But there are three things to consider when creating your Christmas table decor – color, texture, and a centerpiece to create a talking point on the table.”

Read on for more on that — but if you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick rundown of my top five Christmas table decorations of 2022:

How to build the perfect Christmas table

The starting point is choosing your color theme. “Red and green are a timeless color combination,” says Nicola. “It provides warmth, especially when paired with natural materials like jute.” For a more elegant look, she advises mixing metallics with white, then pops of red, from “the candles or ribbons on the napkins.”

The texture comes from the layers. “Start with the base layer of a tablecloth to add a sense of occasion, and add a festive table runner, which is an easy way to add pattern to the mix and the way it moves through the center is eye-catching. the eyes of your guests along the entire length of the painting. »

Then add height with a Christmas centerpiece. Carol Bamford, co-founder of Daylesford Organic, suggests natural foliage and floral arrangements, but advises keeping it below eye level, “so they don’t block anyone’s field of vision. Avoid using flowers very fragrant that can distract or conflict with food.”

Not everything has to be new. “Christmas is a time to display treasured pieces and familiar ornaments that bring back fond memories,” says Carol Bamford. “It’s nice to mix these favorites with newer pieces.”

Below is my pick of this year’s best new pieces, sourced from renowned retailers as well as online specialists. If you’re looking for a tabletop Christmas tree to use as a centerpiece, there’s a great one on my Christmas tree guide. best artificial christmas trees.

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How I Chose the Best Christmas Table Decorations


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