The 5 Best Tiny Homes of 2022: Modern Tiny Home Kits



  • 30 feet wide
  • 344 square feet
  • 2 beds, 1 bathroom
  • $88,940

The base package for the Traveler XL is the most extensive I’ve seen, including everything from the maple composite floor to a kitchen with cabinets, stainless steel gas stove, deep stainless steel sink and a table butcher block kitchen cabinet. The bathroom features a vanity with a surprisingly spacious single sink, faucet, tub/shower combination, toilet, exhaust fan, large mirror, LED lighting, and hardware. That’s right, there’s a bathtub in this little house! There are upgrade options from the base package and they are all priced transparently on the spec sheet.

One thing that I liked about the Traveler XL was the comfort it provides for tall people. It contains a vaulted ceiling that makes the space feel spacious, and it puts the master bedroom on the first floor instead of limiting sleeping arrangements to a space-saving attic. The windows around the bedroom create a cozy nook that also allows you to stretch out without bumping into the ceiling. You can even make the bed without as much hassle as you would with a loft.

Escape has one cool feature that sets it apart from the rest: Escape Vacations. You can try the Traveler XL and other units by renting one for vacation and living in it yourself. It’s a good way to test out tiny life without making an investment upfront.

I was eventually influenced by Escape’s YouTube channel, which has a detailed walkthrough of the unit. The Traveler XL has an aesthetically pleasing exterior with plenty of windows, including an almost floor-to-ceiling window in the galley area. I’d rather live here than in a one bedroom apartment! The price is right too.


  • Low consumption
  • There’s a full tub included – and it fits in the bathroom
  • The price sheet transparently displays the cost of add-ons, making it easy to budget
  • The basic price is reasonable, considering all that is included in the price
  • You can test the Traveler XL on vacation in a before buying

The inconvenients

  • They deliver, but the fee depends on the location. This is common for most businesses
  • The attic of the second bedroom is accessible with a ladder, which may not be the best option for people with disabilities
  • Not their cheapest unit

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