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BRISTOL, Tenn. — The Bristol Tennessee School Board presented Bristol Tennessee City Council with plans to renovate part of Tennessee High School during a joint meeting during the council’s business session on Tuesday. But the council said it does not believe the $44 million project is currently economically feasible.

The renovation plan focuses on revamping the educational spaces at Tennessee High occupied by the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program, as well as creating more accessible shared spaces for Tennessee High students.

Tennessee High, which was built in 1939, hasn’t had a renovation since 1978. Dr. Annette Tudor, director of schools for the Bristol Tennessee school system, said she thinks the redesign of Tennessee High solves accessibility and flow issues in the establishment. , shared spaces disjointed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“We believe that all students at Tennessee High School should have access to all (school) facilities. in the cafeteria and the library. Those are not easy to get to now,” Tudor said. “Our goal is to prepare our young people for college and careers. We need this facility to be able to do this. This is (currently) not fully accessible to the ADA. There is an elevator that is difficult to access, you have to go through the library on the third floor to get there.

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Don Shell, the CEO of Community Tectonics Architects who designed the renovation plan, gave the city council a virtual tour through 3D renderings of the proposed redesign of Tennessee High’s three-story vocational and technical training building with its various classrooms and offices, the library and the cafeteria which would all be connected by an open courtyard and a series of multipurpose spaces.

The projected cost of the Tennessee High renovation plan presented by the Bristol, Tennessee School Board to the city council is $44 million. This is $24 million more than the budget that the city council had proposed for this project during preliminary discussions with the school board.

Vince Turner, the vice mayor of Bristol Tennessee, stressed that he understands the school board’s need for a new high school, but also pointed out that the city has already had to delay plans for a new fire station due to of rising regional and national construction prices.

“I understand you can’t afford to think you can’t afford not to. But, we postponed our fire station because of the cost,” Turner said. “I thought we originally talked about 20 (million).”

Councilwoman Lea Powers thinks the city council should continue to have conversations with the school board about Tennessee High’s renovations and has offered the idea of ​​bringing other potential collaborators to the table.

“We know it’s an option, a great option, but you know, are there other options? Powers asked. “We all want an exceptional CTE facility. We all want high school to be the best it can be for our students. table.”

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