Taco Bell’s new design looks like a taco bank


(NEXSTAR) – Taco Bell has unveiled its new restaurant design – and it probably looks a little familiar.

Named “Taco Bell Defy,” the 3,000-square-foot restaurant concept will be built in Minnesota next year and will include a new drive-thru experience.

The restaurant will feature four drive-thru lanes, three of which will be dedicated to mobile or other order pickups, providing customers with a “frictionless” experience.

Credit: Taco Bell / WORKSHOP LLC / 2021 SRa

Customers will drive under the kitchen and receive their food via a “bell-evator”. Two-way audio and video screens will allow customers to interact with employees inside the restaurant.

“This innovative new concept, launched in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, will improve a major aspect of the consumer experience: the speed of drive-thru,” said Aaron Engler, president of Border Foods. “We are partnering with Taco Bell and the best and brightest in technology and design to create what will very likely be the future of quick service restaurants. “

Taco Bell Defy is slated to open in August and open by summer 2022.


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