Steelcase’s New Chair Makes You Feel Weightless and 5 Other New Home Features


Every week we covet the home products that we want in our homes right now. This week: a blanket that looks like your favorite puffer jacket, new Ikea x Sonos technology and more.

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

Work well

Presented by Work Sharp

If you’ve upgraded your knife sharpening skills with the Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener, the brand’s latest version, the Upgrade Kit, is worth checking out. Since the release of the original Precision Adjust, Work Sharp has worked to create something to complement it and bring even more value to its customers. The result? The Precision Adjust Upgrade Kit. The kit includes seven different abrasives ranging from extra coarse 220 grit to a leather strap for sharpening your blades. If that’s fine with you but you haven’t purchased a Precision Adjust yet, check out the Precision Adjust Elite, which includes the base Precision Adjust model, the seven abrasives included in the upgrade kit, and an additional carrying case. Whether you are using your knives for DIY projects around the house or making a masterpiece in the kitchen, this kit will keep your tools in pristine condition.

Price: $ 80


Steelcase Karman

steel karmen chairs

Steel case

Steelcase makes a number of amazing office chairs, one of which, Series 1, is our pick for the best overall office chair. The brand has done it again with the release of its new Karman chair, which is fitted with a new type of mesh textile, called Intermix, which takes the pressure off the keeper. Karman is designed to make you feel weightless with a light and flexible frame. While most mesh chairs use a rigid frame, Karman’s adapt to your movements, giving you support without being harsh. And if you’re sick of the typical black office chair, Karman comes in 13 colors and finishes. The chair will be available in early 2022, and we’ll be keeping an eye on when you can finally buy it.


Ghia Ginger

ghia ginger flavor the spritz

Ian Frisson

Alcohol-free spirits brand Ghia has added a new spritz to its range with the Ghia Ginger, which combines the Mediterranean-inspired aperitif with spicy, sweet ginger. If you’re not drinking right now or if sobriety is your lifestyle, these new drinks recreate the feeling of cracking a cold drink or sipping a juicy cocktail. For those looking for a thirst-quenching drink with nuanced flavors, let’s go.

Price: $ 18


Ikea x Sonos Symfonisk

ikea x sonos symfonisk


Welcome to the second coming of the Ikea and Sonos Symfonisk lamp-speaker combo. The new Symonisk table lamp speaker uses a new acoustic architecture than its predecessor which creates a better sound experience regardless of the location. Instead of being sold as a single unit, buyers will purchase the WiFi-enabled lamp base, available in black or white ($ 140), and choose between a glass shade ($ 39) or a glass shade ($ 39). textile ($ 29). Check out the new speakers in Ikea stores starting October 12.


CB2 x Kravitz Design

living room designed by cb2 x kravitz


Lenny Kravitz is a global rockstar, so it makes sense that his collection with CB2 is inspired by all over the world. (Although one might wonder why the rocker has a furniture collection to begin with.) As described by CB2, the collection, “[draws]inspiration from workshops in Europe, markets in Africa and beyond. ”The collection spans the gamut from cushions to beds, each with its own distinct personality. If I had an endless amount of money and square footage , you might find the sectional Imbu, Traverse carpet and Kibo media splashback in my house.

Price: $ 8 +


West Elm Kids x the old truck

west elm kids x the old truck

Western elm

If you don’t have kids (or you’re just not a fanatic of children’s books), “The Old Truck” is a popular block-print illustration book for kids. And now, thanks to West Elm, your children can immerse themselves in the world of “The Old Truck” with its collection at the furniture retailer. Buy quilts, wallpaper, and a lamp to make your kids feel like they’ve just jumped into a book.

Price: $ 15 +


Buffy blanket

buffy quilted blanket


The latest version of Buffy doesn’t need to be trapped in the bedroom. The new Puffer Blanket is a quilted throw made from recycled polyester and eucalyptus for a cool, cool and comfortable wrapping experience. Although you can use it in the bed or in the living room, its machine washable and splash resistant qualities also make it a wonderful picnic blanket. In addition, these four muted colors are really very nice.

Price: $ 99


Sackville & Co.

vibrating crystal ball pipe

Sackville & Co.

Sackville & Co. is not like your typical brand of cannabis accessories. For one thing, he doesn’t sell a bunch of Marley-inspired gear. Second, it’s a brand founded by women and well-designed products are its cup of tea. The new Crystal Ball Pipe is meant to be used as a home decor, so you don’t need to hide it when you have guests – parents will likely dismiss it as abstract art. It includes an orb smoking container and a glass base, available in four colors: pink, black, blue and amber.

Price: $ 112


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