Start of renovation of Anna Nagar Uzhavar Sandhai in Tiruchi


The Uzhavar Sandhai at Anna Nagar in Tiruchi will soon sport a new look as the Agricultural Marketing and Agro-Industry Department has launched a market renovation project.

One of two popular farmers’ markets in the city, the Uzhavar Sandhai in Anna Nagar was among the first to be set up when the concept was introduced by the then Chief Minister, the late Mr. Karunanidhi in 1999. Renovation of the facility was a felt need. as stores and related infrastructure required repairs.

The Agricultural Marketing and Agro-Industry Department had decided to renovate Uzhavar Sandhais at Anna Nagar in Tiruchi town and Musiri district in the current fiscal year. The Uzhavar Sandhai at KK Nagar in the city was renovated a few months ago.

All 87 stores at the Uzhavar Sandhai in Anna Nagar would be renovated under the running project with an allocation of around ₹48 lakh. Stores would be equipped with digital scales. Apart from this, soil backfilling will be done to prevent water stagnation in the market complex. Paving stone platforms would be laid inside the campus. The toilets and perimeter wall of the Uzhavar Sandhai would be renovated.

The work should be completed within the next three to four months.

“The works are carried out without affecting the business. That’s why we’re doing it in stages, dividing the stores into different segments. Instructions were given to the contractor to ensure that all safety measures were in place,” said G. Saravanan, Deputy Director, Agricultural Marketing and Agribusiness, Tiruchi. The Hindu.

Works at Musiri, where the market with 28 stores is to be renovated at a cost of ₹27 lakh, was expected to start soon. The entrance to the Uzhavar Sandhi in the city should be changed from the north side to the west side to avoid traffic jams, Mr Saravanan said.



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