Some of Vancouver’s Coolest Dining Spaces Created by Rahim Abassi


“I’ve seen clients appreciate the design. I’m prepared to budget more for construction to create a place to be seen, to dress, to take pictures, ”Castro said.

Permanent fascination

Abassi’s inspiration comes from a lifelong fascination with design and a desire to learn. He spent the first part of his life in Guatemala. Her parents are from Pakistan, but her father moved the family to Guatemala to sell imported rugs to the South American elite. Through his father’s business, the family was invited to the well-appointed homes of the ultra-rich.

A love for well-designed furniture led Abassi to western India and the Indonesian islands of Bali and Java in search of rare antique furniture for his father to sell through the family business. He has made traveling the world part of his schedule while earning degrees and gaining work experience.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Idaho, followed by a Bachelor of Commerce and Engineering from Washington State University and a Master of Arts in Real Estate, Development and Urban Planning from Portland State University.

He was engineer-in-training at Bechtel, KPFF Consulting Engineers and KPT Engineering & Development, then project manager at Group Mackenzie. He owned an antique store called Saffron and Turmeric in Portland with his brother, but had to give it up when his business, Abassi Design Works, began to attract customers.

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