SisterDough finds a new home in Odessa


Priscella Garcia started her gourmet donut-making journey at home.

The mother of four then set her sights on a pop-up business in downtown Midland.

Despite this being his first venture at a brick and mortar establishment, Garcia said it doesn’t quite feel like home.

“It was ours, but it wasn’t ours,” Garcia said. “There was a certain style of expectation and we had our own.

SisterDough owner Priscella Garcia presents her Honey Rose Coffee Drink on Tuesday August 11, 2021 at SisterDough.

As the coronavirus pandemic ravaged family businesses across the country, Garcia explained that she had not renewed her lease on the downtown Midland store. Instead, she decided to look to another business that she could turn into her new home.

Garcia said he found this location and started renovations at 3614 N. Dixie Blvd.

“I’m glad we were able to get through COVID and stay afloat,” Garcia said. “There were times when I wasn’t sure if I should stop. We survived and are happy to be here in our hometown.

“We’re all about our community and we want to do fun things and give back.”

She said she signed a three-year lease for a 2,800 square foot building. Garcia said she plans to have a grand opening on August 21.

SisterDough owner Priscella Garcia holds a platter of assorted donuts, pastries and cookies on Tuesday August 11, 2021 at SisterDough.

SisterDough donuts are topped with bacon, chips, cereal, cookies, fruit and a variety of other goodies. Garcia also began serving coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and other baked goods, including cookies and banana bread.

“I wasn’t looking for that much space, but it just felt right,” Garcia said. “It was like we could evolve and grow. We can remove and add.

Garcia plans to put a full kitchen into his new business that would allow him not only to prepare and design his gourmet donuts, but also to implement a brunch.

Garcia said his short-term goal is for the kitchen to be fully installed in 30 to 45 days. She said it would probably take another 60 days before brunch starts. Garcia said she would also like to get a license to serve mimosas.

SisterDough’s drink named Honey Rose is poured on Tuesday August 11, 2021 at SisterDough.

As for long term goals, Garica would like to open more SisterDoughs in West Texas.

Over the past two months, Garcia has learned and grown with online business center courses offered by the University of Texas at Austin and in partnership with the University of Texas Permian Basin.

Garcia explained that at the moment she wears all the hats in the business and said that in order to be successful in the business, she needed to distribute these hats to other people.

“I want to hire in the next few weeks, but getting the kitchen is our main focus right now,” Garcia said.

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