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Are you immersing yourself in the holiday spirit and going all out to decorate your home?

If so, and you live in the town of Long Lake, why not try to win a prize for your holiday spirit?

The Town of Long Lake is holding a Long Lake Christmas Decorating Contest for residents. The event was last held in 2018.

The Long Lake Garden Club and the City of Long Lake are sponsoring the event and the deadline for submitting entries is Wednesday, December 15 at 3 p.m. To and click on the Long Lake Christmas Decorating Contest links. You can either complete an online registration or print a form and return to the city before the deadline.

“This is a great event to encourage residents to decorate the exterior of their homes for the holidays,” said Long Lake Mayor Charlie Miner. “The holiday lighting and decorations on the houses in our town only add to the charm of our small town. Home lighting and decorations also complement our downtown area, which is beautifully decorated with holiday flags and garlands on our light poles.

All entrants must live in the town of Long Lake and homes will be judged on a curb appeal basis only. Judges will not enter the property.

Judging will take place on the evening of Thursday, December 16, so be sure to turn on the lights as soon as it gets dark.

The winners will be notified by phone on Saturday, December 18 and prizes will be awarded to the first place winners in each category. The categories are: Nostalgic – Old fashioned, reminds you of your childhood; Clark Griswald – Excessive use of exterior lighting, fun elements; Window displays – Interior displays visible from the street you live in; and Charlie Brown – Decorations on a dog kennel, tool shed, barn… anything but your home.

Will the city provide a list of entries if people want to check out the holiday decorations?

“No, but the winners will be posted on our social media as mentioned in the contest rules, and we encourage everyone to drive around Long Lake and enjoy some wonderful holiday light shows,” Miner said.

Once the winners have been notified, the prizes will be awarded to the winning residences.

The Long Lake businesses – Birch’s on the Lake and Lakeside Wine and Spirits – are sponsoring the competition’s prizes.

If you live in Orono or Medina but have a Long Lake ZIP code, you are not a resident of the City of Long Lake and cannot participate.

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