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Whether you’re short on cabinet space, love the look of a professional chef’s kitchen, or just want to show off your collection of cookware, pot racks and rails are the solution: not only do they keep your pots and pans close at hand, but they also serve as decoration for the kitchen.

“They’re really handy because a lot of serious cooks appreciate the convenience of reaching and grabbing the pan they need instead of bending over and digging into a cupboard,” said Suzanne McGrath, who runs McGrath II, a interior design company based. in Greenwich, Connecticut, with his daughter, Lauren McGrath.

They also make “a pretty punchy statement,” she added, “especially if you have a large collection.”

The eldest, Ms McGrath, learned to love the look of hanging pots when she worked as a television producer for Martha Stewart Living. After a while, she began to notice attractive examples almost everywhere, from Julia Child’s kitchen to the impressive Victorian-era food prep space at the Breakers mansion in Newport, RI.

Young Ms. McGrath, who recently helped customize eye-catching pot racks for the company’s customers, is also smitten.

“It definitely sends a message, ‘This person knows how to cook,'” she said. “Whether it is or not.”

  • How big should the rack be? “You need to buy a pot rack proportionate to your island or table,” elder Ms McGrath said, so it doesn’t end up looking oddly small or overwhelming.

  • Which materials are the best? “Choose a finish that relates to some of the appliances” or other elements in the kitchen, she said, for visual continuity.

  • How to install a rack on the ceiling? Because it will be heavy with pots and pans, be sure to use screws to mount it to joists or beams, rather than hanging it from drywall anchors.

Handmade ceiling pan rack with grid, available in a range of steel and copper finishes

From around $540 at Enclume: 877-362-5863 or

Hanging pot rack in wood and metal

From $117 at Food52:

Handmade copper ceiling support available in different sizes

From around $192 on Etsy:

Wall bracket with swivel hooks

From about $101 for the rack and $10 for the hook at Rejuvenation: 888-401-1900 or

Pegboard style steel pot rack available in various colors

About $80 at Wayfair: 844-647-3765 or

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