Seattle chief Edouardo Jordan tries to get federal loan: “It was a disaster”


The JuneBaby owner said he hopes a new round of loans will reach small businesses like his, which received no help from the latest back-up plan.

SEATTLE – Seattle chef and award-winning restaurant owner Edouardo Jordan has said he hopes a new round of federal loans, intended to keep workers employed during the coronavirus crisis, will reach neighborhood businesses like his, which did not receive any help from the last relief package.

“I think this is a time when we all have to be loud, make noise,” Jordan said on Monday after documenting his struggles on Instagram.

His restaurant, JuneBaby, has earned him a place among the country’s top chefs, but now Jordan is going through the same trials as cafes, bars and bistros in almost every block, which have had to lay off staff. during the stay to- order at home.

“It’s a huge impact, our income is far from the same,” Jordan said.

He said he applied for a federal loan to help him get by, but that request came to nothing and then the money ran out.

“It was a disaster, to be very honest,” he said.

Jordan and other chefs are frustrated that the law has allowed Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Potbelly Sandwich Shop to get tens of millions of dollars in loans.

“It’s a little embarrassing that there has been an advantage offered to small businesses and that big businesses are gobbling up all the funds,” he said.

Shake Shack received a $ 10 million federal loan, but after a crush of negative comments, the company said it would return the money.

There is now a petition calling on Ruth’s Chris to do the same.

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