Rude thing that subway worker did with food in the bathroom


Jumanne’s anger over his situation was fully visible in a video he pinned to the top of his Jumanne Way Facebook page, starting October 1. In the video, the frustrated rapper throws pots of Subway food on the floor behind the counter and pulls all the bills out of the cash drawer. “Look, I’m sick of this minimum wage shit,” he said. “This whole mess is mine.” It seemed highly unlikely that Jumanne actually took the money. He continued to post Subway videos for several days.

In his October 6 video, Jumanne asked Meek Mill for any kind of opportunity that might “put me in a position where I don’t have to be here,” he said, scrolling his phone to point to the restaurant. Subway where he worked. the weather. “All this bullshit will be of no interest to me.”

Finally, in an Oct. 15 video Jumanne shot from what looks like her home, the former Subway employee looked more contrite. “I did dirty things. I did things I never should have done,” he said. “I could be better and I want to be better.” He said he felt a lot of pressure as a content creator, even though he knew it didn’t justify his actions. “There will be consequences to that, even legal consequences,” Jumanne said of his Subway videos. “I have to be in the right frame of mind to work so that I can capitalize on the controversy that I have created.”


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