Retailers notice that many Halloween shoppers buy costumes, candy and decorations early


MENASHA, Wisconsin (NBC 26) – There is currently a surplus of shortages hitting the country in large part due to the lack of truckers. And with Halloween just around the corner, some are starting to notice that pumpkins, costumes, and even candy are harder to find or more expensive than in the past. But, for early risers, many don’t take that risk and stock up now.

At Menasha’s Goodwill, there are still plenty of costumes to choose from. Partly thanks to the generous donations people make on a daily basis.

“It’s actually interesting, all year round we think about Halloween. So we choose items throughout the year,” says Gabrielle Dorn, Goodwill Brand Manager.

Dorn says many of her clients enjoy creating their own outfits, mixing and matching items until they create the perfect ensemble. These are the type of Halloween costume designs that Goodwill has become known for over the years.

“You can’t go to a Halloween store and find a Golden Girls costume. But at Goodwill, you can search the entire store and find everything you need for that personalized do-it-yourself look,” explains Dorn.

But if you are not the type to think outside the box, Goodwill also offers original outfits. The McKenna store clerk shares some of the looks with NBC 26 that likely won’t be around for long.

“It really looks like people are shopping early. There is renewed excitement for Halloween this year because we can go out, party and be with people more than last year,” Dorn adds.

So if you are planning to dress up this Halloween and want to stand out in the crowd, you might want to do your shopping soon. Because according to the National Retail Federation, it’s estimated that two-thirds of Americans are ready to go on a scary vacation, and you don’t want to find out what’s left at the last minute.


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