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TL Photo / SHELLEY HANSON SCAFFOLDING surrounds the historic clock tower atop Bellaire High School on Tuesday. Work is underway by JD&E construction to renovate the tower.

BELLAIRE – Work is underway to renovate the historic clock tower atop Bellaire High School.

The white and red clock tower, which is a well-known landmark to Bellaire, can be seen for miles around. While renovation work is underway, scaffolding has been erected around it to allow workers to access the structure.

JD&E Construction is carrying out the project for the local school district of Bellaire. This was made possible by voters in Bellaire who approved a tax levy last year.

The school district has asked voters to renew a $ 3 million levy and approve a new $ 1 million levy that replaced an expiring $ 0.5 million levy. The two measures were combined into one question in the November 2020 ballot. This amounted to voters approving an additional 0.5 million levy.

This new levy was adopted with 2,247 voting for and 1,847 voting against.

In addition to the clock tower, other planned projects include repairs to the visitor’s stands and bleachers at Nelson Field football stadium, as well as repairs and upgrades to HVAC systems in each school building.

The $ 3 million levy, first adopted in 1991, generates $ 571,000 per year. The $ 0.5 million drawdown that expired generated $ 107,000 per year, while the new $ 1 million drawdown that replaced it generated $ 198,000 per year. Together, the withdrawals will generate $ 769,000 per year.

According to a historical Ohio marker on the high school site, the clock tower was erected in 1925. It was the second clock tower to be built at the school.

“CW Bates of Wheeling designed this tower, built by CD Keyser & Co. of Bellaire. The school building spans 256 feet along 35th Street and the tower rises 40 feet above the roof’s third story parapet, ” the marker notes.

“The clock faces are 6 feet 7 inches in diameter. At the outer corners of the Bell Hall are 11 foot columns. The dome of the tower is painted red. E. Howard & Co. of Boston operated the clock and the McShane Bell Foundry of Baltimore set the bell in August 1888. The BHS Alumni Association lit the tower in 1998 to honor all of the “faithful and sincere” graduates of school. “

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