Renovation demand in Klang Valley grows as COVID-19 slows, but contractors face labor and supply issues



Likewise, Scott Leong, who has run his one-stop-shop construction design and renovation department for more than three years, said that after the last lockdown was lifted in late July, he had to rush to start working on work that was behind schedule. since the beginning of the year.

“Right now I have to manage about seven minor renovation projects simultaneously, all in condominiums, and there are more requests coming in,” he said.

Electrical contractor Lim Chui Leng, who has worked as an electrician for over 20 years and now runs his own business, said job applications are always coming in.

He recalled how his business was affected by the First Order of Movement Control (MCO) and the blockages that followed.

“Last year was more difficult because I still had to pay my workers but no movement was allowed. Fortunately, I had won enough big jobs by March, so that helped me. “

From May to July of this year, he went to work at a friend’s vegetable farm in Pahang.

“He needed manpower, and that way I could still afford to pay my workers,” he said.

One of the reasons for the increase in requests, according to Tan, was the fact that people were locked at home due to blockages and began to pay more attention to areas that need to be fixed.

“Before the closures and COVID-19, for many of us, home was just a place we came back to bathe and sleep,” he said.

“But now that you’re home 24/7, you start to notice all the little issues, maybe leaks or cracks and other repairs that you can’t ignore now.”

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