Reno Diaries: A $150,000 kitchen renovation in West Palm Beach, Florida


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Linda Jayne’s mid-’90s ranch-style home in West Palm Beach served the family well for more than 20 years as she and her husband raised their three children. During this time, they hardly did any interior renovations, focusing instead on the barns for their horses! But after two decades, Linda decided it was time for an update. For her new kitchen, she wanted a refined, classic look, and she commissioned interior designer Heather Weisz of HW Interiors to do just that.

Heather and her team came up with a plan to rebuild the kitchen from the ground up and create a warm and welcoming space with clean lines. The renovation took three months and cost around $150,000, but Linda says it was worth it. “I was blown away,” she says. It was everything she hoped for, “and more”.

Once Linda approved the design plan, the contractors arrived and tore everything down to the poles. (The demo alone costs $9,000, in case you were wondering.) Then they expanded the laundry room and added a sliding door to separate the area.

Back in the kitchen, they installed gleaming new engineered hardwood floors (vital in Florida’s humid climate!), custom cabinetry, and a new island with cascading countertops to create a modern foundation.

They also installed new appliances, including a beautiful 36-inch Wolf induction stove. Linda says buying the oven was one of her best decisions – and it almost didn’t happen. When looking at appliances, she remembers saying, “I don’t need a lot of oven. I’m not a very good cook. Her husband remarked that they made a nice kitchen, so “Why would you just want a small oven?”

The choice of the larger chef grade oven turned out to be fortuitous as they finished the kitchen shortly before the pandemic started. With so much time at home, “I ended up cooking so much more and now I love it so much more,” Linda says. “I love cooking there and if I had done what I was going to do, it probably wouldn’t have been so enjoyable.”

As for the paint, Heather chose Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy to give the island a sophisticated pop of color against the clean, crisp Chantilly lace on the cabinetry, and framed the range hood in the same blue. (Note: Sprucing up the kitchen with an island accent color or other detail is a smart decision that can be replicated in any remodeling budget.)

Brushed brass accents and hand-blown fixtures also stand out. (And hardware changes like this are another way to up the drama without the corresponding bill!)

Linda’s renovation in 10 simple steps

The end result is just as stunning as expected. “I remember thinking when we were all locked down during COVID, how blessed my husband and I are to be able to be… in this house,” she says. “It was so, so sweet and I was constantly saying thank you so much, I was texting [the designers]and say thank you.


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