Reimo shrinks VW pop-up motorhome to Caddy size, still adds toilet


Two years ago, Volkswagen added the new Caddy to its California motorhome portfolio, launching its most impressive Caddy mini-motorhome yet. But the folks at Volks still lag behind third-party conversion specialists when it comes to fully functional Caddy campers. Reimo is one such example, and it proves it can do great things with VW’s smallest ICE van, as well as its latest. Its new Weekender 2 modular set transforms the Caddy Maxi into a two-story micro-home with a pop-up roof, sleeping four, indoor/outdoor kitchen, indoor dining area and even a hidden toilet…all for less €50,000.

More a collection of camping modules and accessories available than a complete motorhome, the VW Caddy Weekender 2 that Reimo presented at this year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon was certainly one of the mini campers under 5m (16.4 feet) the most impressive of the show. It packs virtually everything you’re looking for in a large motorhome or campervan into a tiny 485cm (191in) Caddy Maxi ready to transport between two and five people to the campsite.

The main components of the multitool-style Weekender 2 kit fit neatly into the Caddy Maxi’s load area, behind the three-seater second row. The most basic component is the driver’s side folding bed, which can be used on its own to create a solo van with a half cargo floor remaining for cargo. Half of the bed folds down independently so campers can attach the single leg table to create a dining area and workstation for one or two people. The flexible bed module even includes an interior dining seat back for added comfort; it folds up at night to be part of the bed surface.

Enjoy a meal inside the Caddy Weekender 2


Building the Weekender 2 into a more complete motorhome for two is as simple as adding the passenger-side kitchen. The long hinged lid module contains a matching cushion to help build a double bed measuring 195cm (77″) long and varying between 116cm and 132cm (46″ and 52″) wide. Below, the box frame houses a slide-out kitchen that can be accessed inside or out and an available 10L compressor fridge box. It’s a small fridge, but it’s designed to fit snugly under the kitchen lid so it doesn’t interfere with the bed. With the addition of the pillow-top kitchen module, the dining area converts to a larger dinette with a wrap-around bench.

Both of these modules include bed extensions that mount to the backs of the rear seats and fold down at night to give the bed its full length. Reimo also offers independent front modules which require the rear seats to be removed. The portable toilet box falls into this category, replacing the VW individual rear seat on the passenger side. The optional cargo box fills in where the other two rear seats would be, completing the front end of the bed platform while serving as a cargo box. So those using the van as a two-seater can easily have their own interior toilet, neatly stored in a box on top of a stool, along with additional storage space.

The simple pull-out kitchen has two water tanks with spouts, a cooker and a removable extension to hold the foldable sink.
The simple pull-out kitchen has two water tanks with spouts, a cooker and a removable extension to hold the foldable sink.

CC Weiss/New Atlas

Those looking for a four-person motorhome will want to leave the storage box option behind so they can keep those two rear seats in place. They can then add the retractable roof and its 192 x 100 cm (76 x 39 in) bed to provide a total of four berths and four or five driving seats. If they still want the toilet, they can swap it out for the individual rear seat on the passenger side.

Another option is the slim technical box, which is integrated under the bed platform on the driver’s side. It carries a 60 Ah AGM leisure battery with a charger and electrical outlets.

The one major RV component that we don’t see available is a shower system. The Weekender 2’s simple collapsible water canister/sink design doesn’t provide the usual sliding shower sprayer. These days, however, there are plenty of aftermarket portable showers that could solve the problem.

Reimo presents the Caddy Weekender 2 at the Caravan Salon 2022
Reimo presents the Caddy Weekender 2 at the Caravan Salon 2022

CC Weiss/New Atlas

A Caddy with Weekender 2 package starts at €29,990 (about US$28,675) with the single bed. The lime green version that Reimo presented in Düsseldorf, with a complete kit including the retractable sunroof, the kitchen, the electrical package, the compressor refrigerator and the upgrade of the 2.0 liter 121 hp engine, was tagged with a standard price of €49,920 (US$47,750) including VAT.

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