Owner of Antiquarius renovating a 19th century building


The owner of antique dealers Antiquarius is renovating a 19th-century building near Central Park.

Ed Killam, owner of Antiquarius stores at 701 W. State St. and 19 S. Central Park Plaza, is renovating the property at 221 W. Morgan St. Before renovations began in January, Killam was using the building as a warehouse. Once construction is complete, he plans to convert the first floor into some kind of commercial space and rent two one-bedroom apartments on the second floor.

“I sort of think we could do another type of retail there, but not a branch of Antiquarius,” Killam said of the first floor. “I was thinking maybe doing more of an art gallery, or more of an ethnographic gallery of international art and artifacts. Or maybe all the primitive artifacts, ancient artifacts, things like that. Just something that will be different and interesting for people.

Killam purchased the building in January 2021 from Tom Grojean, who purchased it in 2020. The building previously housed Howe Electric Co. until 1975, after which it sat vacant until Grojean purchased it. Neither Killam nor Grojean could specify when the building was originally constructed, but both said it was in the 1800s.

According to Grojean, the building “was going to collapse” before he bought it, with the interior full of “electrical equipment, debris and termites”. Grojean spent four months cleaning the building before it was in a state where he felt comfortable selling it. Killam bought it for $33,000.

Killam said the renovation project will cost around $125,000 and is expected to take another three months.


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