Odis 12 plans a renovation and extension that could take 4 months


Michel Miodus, owner of Odis 12 Bar & Grillrecalls what it was like in 2014 when his restaurant moved from its West 26th Street location to a larger location in the Erie Harley Davidson building at 3702 W. 12th St.

Suddenly, Miodus, which had been in business for a decade by then, found itself awash with space in Millcreek Township.

Six years later, it’s still a big space, but not as big as Miodus would like.

“There’s no waiting area. There’s not a lot of wiggle room. We want to expand it a bit,” he said.

When Kelly and Susan Lapping, owners of Harley Davidson of Erie, which takes up most of the building, offered him a chance to buy the space he was renting and an additional 6,000 square feet, Miodus jumped on the occasion.

Kelly Lapping said her motorcycle dealership isn’t going anywhere.

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“He (Miodus) preferred owning something to renting,” Lapping said. “It’s a win-win for him. It’s a win-win for us.”

According to records filed in the Erie County Courthouse, an entity called Ugly Cousin LLC – a name inspired by one of Odis 12’s most popular wing flavors – borrowed $1.9 million to purchase part of the building at 3712 W. 12th St.

Miodus, which leased about 7,500 square feet, said major renovations are planned to take advantage of the expanded footprint.

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It will take time and cause some inconvenience. But Miodus plans to continue serving food and drink, including a selection of 150 wing flavors with names like Driving Miss Daisy, 12 Horse, Ugly Cousin and Scorpion Blood.

But there will be disruption during the four months of construction that are expected to be completed before the football season arrives at the end of the summer.

Odis 12, which currently has two kitchens and a banquet hall, will close one of those kitchens and reduce the number of kegs in its draft beer system from 20 to 10. Both moves are temporary, Miodus said. .

He said he was excited about the opportunity offered by the purchase of over 13,000 square feet of space.

“In the future, I will have a bigger banquet hall, a brand new kitchen, a new bar and we will add 20 to 30 more chairs.”

Part of the dining room at Odis 12 Bar & Grille is featured in Millcreek Township

Miodus said it also hopes to improve what it calls “wiggle room” by making more space for customers and its 40-45-person staff. Both groups will also benefit from an expanded banquet hall that can accommodate up to 100 people.

Like many restaurateurs, Miodus said it has struggled with staffing issues over the past year.

“We’re outnumbered, but I have a very good team that works really hard,” he said. “We hope that with this remodel and the way we are building the kitchen, it will make our lives easier.”

Odis 12 is expected to remain open throughout the renovations.

Odis 12 Bar & Grille is featured in Millcreek Township on April 22, 2022. Owner Michael Miodus, 44, has purchased part of the building and is planning an expansion, including a new entrance, later this year.

“Eventually we will have to close the dining room and keep the bar open,” Miodus said. Even then, he said, patio seating and the addition of a few tents could provide space for up to 80 patrons.

Miodus said he was grateful to be in this position.

“We are delighted with this,” he said. “We are blessed for this community and the business people have given us throughout.”

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