Ocala police donate Christmas decorations and turkeys to local families



In the holiday spirit, local law enforcement workers are finding ways to give back to the community.

The Ocala Police Department recently shared on its Facebook page that four OPD officers (Kelly, Maleske, Blanton and Lawrence) surprised a local family with Christmas decorations for their house.

Ocala Police Department officers surprised local family with Christmas decorations
Local Police Department Donates Holiday Decorations Turkeys 2
An officer gives the stairs a festive touch
Local Police Department donates 3 turkeys Christmas decorations
The family was delighted to decorate their new tree

Earlier in the week, OPD employees used their Thanksgiving bonus checks to purchase 50 meals for families in need.

Local Police Department Donates 4 Holiday Decorations Turkeys
Ocala Police Department employees used funds from their vacation bonus checks to purchase 50 meals for local families

Once the meals were packed, officers hand delivered each meal to the families.

Local Police Department Donates 5 Turkeys Christmas Decorations
Each meal was hand-delivered to families by an agent

Publix supermarkets also donated a few Thanksgiving meals to OPD, and agents surprised other families with a free meal.

According to an OPD Facebook post, one of the recipients of a free meal recently lost her job, did not have a meal for her family and appreciated the kind gesture.

Local Police Department Donates 6 Holiday Decorations Turkeys
Officers donated turkey meal to woman who recently lost her job

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