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Amazon Launches Streaming Aggregator Aiming To Dominate The Show

Australian head of Amazon Prime Video doubled down on criticism of local content quota proposals on offshore streaming services, as the tech giant revealed plans to bolster its trade show presence by aggregating video offerings online rivals, reports SMH Amelia McGuire.

The global e-commerce and cloud computing giant will launch Prime Video Channels on Tuesday, which will allow members to add a range of on-demand and streaming entertainment channels, including Paramount + and hayu, to watch on any device. .

Hushidar Kharas, who runs Amazon Prime Video in Australia, said The Sydney Morning Herald and Age he hopes subscription add-ons will centralize the entertainment experience for users. “In a world of constant choice and information, we want to make things as easy as possible for customers,” he said.

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Australian teens dump Facebook, Instagram, leaked internal research reveals

Facebook’s Instagram platform has seen a dramatic drop in use by young Australians, according to confidential internal documents, News Corp reports. David swan.

Prepared for Facebook executives, the study dated March 2021 warns of a “worrying” and “problematic” drop in the time teenage users in Australia spend on the photo-sharing platform – down 9 % to 36 minutes per day over six months – and the amount of content they produce.

The research, which is part of a slice of documents filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, shows that the decline in usage has been larger in Australia than in other markets, including the United States. United, France, Great Britain and Japan.

The amount of content produced by teenage users in Australia has also fallen by 7%, the data shows.

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New Brands

News Corp Australia posts $ 60.7 million loss as pandemic wreaks havoc on media

News Corp Australia posted a loss of $ 60.7 million as pandemic exacerbates ongoing upheaval in the media industry, reports Guardian Australia Conservative shepherd.

The company blamed a $ 167 million blow to advertising revenue on regional and community closures or digital transitions.

More than 220 Australian newsrooms have shrunk or disappeared since the start of the pandemic, while 111 have opened or expanded.

The Public Interest Journalism Initiative (PIJI) is gathering public data for its Australian Newsroom Mapping Project. According to this data, since January 2019, News Corp Australia has had 116 “contractions,” most of which were closing headlines or canceling print editions. The numbers show that 20 News Corp newsrooms grew with new websites, and it is understood that four more News Corp websites were also launched during that time.

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ABC secures rights to broadcast Mardi Gras parade in three-year deal

The ABC has negotiated a deal to air Sydney’s gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade on TV and radio for the next three years, including its return to Oxford Street in 2023, reports SMH Sarah McPhee.

On March 5, 2022, the colorful celebration of diversity will air on ABC’s main channel, ABC iview and the international television service ABC Australia.

The theme for 2022 is United We Shine, described by organizers as “a rallying call to fight hate and inequality, reminding us that when we stand up collectively, our message of love and inclusion is heard louder. “.

The tanks will once again tour the Sydney Cricket Ground, live on ABC from 7:30 p.m., departing the traditional Oxford Street route following ongoing concerns from organizers over COVID-19 restrictions.

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“Eternals” ends Marvel’s “A” winning streak with the audience, but does it matter?

No winning streak is endless, especially in Hollywood, reports Hollywood reporter Pamela mcclintock.

Late in the evening of November 5, executives at Marvel Studios and Disney learned that Eternals had received a B CinemaScore by audiences, the lowest rating of any movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Hall of Fame, which now has 26 titles. All other MCU titles except for Thor, who received a B + over a decade ago, around the start of Marvel’s renaissance, has earned some variation of an A – an enviable feat.

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The mediocre audience rating, combined with the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score in MCU history, has left many box office pundits wondering if Eternals could cross $ 70 million when it opens nationally, much less the $ 75 million Disney and Marvel hoped for.

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“Australia must consider doing more co-productions”

Veteran Australian producer Michael mckay says Australia should consider more dramatic co-productions with Asia, reports TV tonight.

McKay, a director of activeTV (The Amazing Race Australia, Carols in the Domain, Good Friday Call, Prank Patrol, Ultimate Fighter, Tropfest), is based in Singapore where he founded the Asian Academy Creative Awards.

“I think Australia needs to consider doing more co-productions, which means immersing itself more, not necessarily just in the US or UK,” he said. TV tonight.

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Mitch and Mark slam judges after winning The Block: “You need an expert”

To block winners Mitch and Mark fought the show’s judges after being battered by harsh comments during the season, News Corp’s reports Bella fowler.

Talk to Nova Fitzy & Wippa On Monday, the favorites of the series admitted to giving up listening to criticism during their construction, insisting that judges “are not good predictors of success”.

They also asked Channel 9 to instead present a “real estate expert” to the jury.

It comes after the couple brought in judges and interior design experts Shaynna blaze, Neale whitaker and Darren palmer to be sacked in an exclamation-filled rant earlier this season when their kitchen design came under fire.

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The Block winners Mitch and Mark release statement about Tanya

This season’s winners The block have issued a public statement about another competitor Tanya, asking fans of the show to “give it a chance” in the wake of the season-long cheating scandal, reports.

Mitch and Mark clashed angrily throughout the season with Tanya and her husband Vito, in large part because of the cheating scandal that erupted early on. Tanya was found to be in possession of a top-secret photo from the show’s production schedule, a photo she said was sent to her throughout the season by a mysterious tradie who wanted to give her an edge. competitive.

“Tanya, the girl with the purple head and the face of The Block’s big lie,” the couple wrote on Instagram on Monday.

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