Neutral Pink House Color Ideas, According to Designers


If you thought pink was just for nurseries and teenage bedrooms, think again. Pink has taken a firm place in the neutral category thanks to the fresh and unexpected way designers choose to use the once prim and appropriate hue.

But what if you try to incorporate pink into your home without hiring a designer? Taylor Hill of Taylor Hill Interior Design in Greenville, SC says to start simply by setting the right tone. “It’s easy to see why pink is associated with bubblegum and jewel tones, but the color’s muddier undertones live almost like a neutral in many spaces while adding a layer of depth and elegance,” she says. . If you’re starting from scratch by selecting a neutral pink paint color, Hill suggests looking at the neutral areas of the paint bridges, rather than automatically gravitating towards the pink columns. “Because of the color’s sensitivity to light, I’ve found testing the shell or sandier tones in space really helps,” she explains. Once you’ve found the perfect hue, Hill suggests “dressing the entire space in the same color, including the walls, the moldings, the cabinets, and sometimes the ceiling as well!”

Whether you’re looking to go from ceiling to floor or just add a few pops of pink to your decor, these tips from Southern designers will have you thinking (or shall we say “pink”) in the right direction.


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