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The Myers Memorial Library recently received a $218,000 renovation to its ground floor. Between financial contributions from a state grant, local community foundations, and the town of Carroll, the library was able to be transformed and updated into a popular and user-friendly place. Pictured, left to right, are Rachel Roushey and Izabela Nowak. PJ Photos by Timothy Frudd

The Myers Memorial Library is hosting an open house to celebrate its recent renovation on November 17 from 5-7 p.m.

Myers Memorial Library main floor renovations include all new bookshelves, cabinets, tables, lighting, rugs, new bathroom, new drinking fountain, new desk, new cash register and new staircase leading to a newly renovated attic storage space.

In addition to the ground floor renovation, the library has also added new furniture to the ground floor “teenage room” to enhance community space.

Director Izabela Nowak said the library applied for a state grant in 2020, which took about a year to process and receive approval for the renovation.

“It took a long time” she says, “Especially after the pandemic. Everything was delayed.

Renovations to the Myers Memorial Library included all new shelving.

Librarian Rachel Roushey explained that the library was closed for renovations in November last year and reopened the upper part of the library in June. As the library awaits the finishing touches, Nowak said he was pleased with the outcome of the renovations.

Roushey said the public has also been very receptive to the new layout of the library.

“Everyone who walks in says it’s so open, it’s so fresh and it looks so clean.” she says. “Most people say it’s so much brighter.”

Nowak said almost everything on the ground floor of the library is new, thanks to the recent renovation. The new design allows the library to be more open and accessible to users.

“Now everything is visible” she says. “Everything is accessible to people. I think everyone appreciates it.

After renovating the lower part of the library in 2018 and 2019, Nowak and Roushey said the ground floor of the library needed updating to maintain consistency and quality for visitors.

When asked why the library chose to do renovations now, Nowak replied: “I thought it needed updating. For people to come and use it, you need to stay relevant, you need to be more accessible, you need to be more user-friendly. I think we were really overwhelmed before, so by building something new and fresh, we will attract new people and new families.They need to know that we have a space for them.

State subsidies accounted for 75% of the cost of the renovation. The remaining cost of the renovation was covered by donations from the Chautauqua Community Foundation and the Lenna Foundation, as well as COVID-19 relief funding from the City of Carroll. Both Nowak and Roushey expressed their appreciation for those who helped with the renovations.

Nowak said the renovations, which cost $218,000, would not have been possible without the generosity of contributing organizations. She said it was the “worst time” to carry out renovations due to COVID-19 restrictions and rising building material prices.

“Everything was possible thanks to the state subsidy, the foundations and the city”, Nowak said.

The open house will include light refreshments, a tour of the library and a special display of book art sculptures by Lindsey Vitello, a local art teacher, and her students.

“All the members of the council will be there to welcome people” Nowak said. “We hope new customers will come and see what we’ve done because a lot of people in our community haven’t been here in years.”

Roushey said the renovations have already enhanced the community reach of the library.

“I feel like right now more and more people are signing up for library cards without having them, so it worked because people are spreading the word,” she says. “We are already noticing since we reopened an increase in new clients and new families.”

Besides providing books and movies to the community, Nowak said the library has many other benefits to offer people. The Myers Memorial Library offers many programs for the community to enjoy. Roushey said the library space is also used for tutoring and other educational purposes throughout the week.

“We just want people to be able to use this space to help others in the community,” she says. “It’s just a space for people to come together.”

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