Multi-Million Dollar Renovations Completed for Reedley High Sports Programs

REEDLEY, Calif. (KFSN) — Just about every athletic program and student-athlete at Reedley High is benefiting from the school’s recent multimillion-dollar renovation project.

“It gives us a whole new sense of pride not only for our school, but also for our community,” says Senior Mary Jane Lucero. “To be able to say that this is our domain is incredible.”

$10 million was used to invest in the Pirates baseball and softball complexes, a new football stadium, sports field and weight room

The best part is that the administrators say that all the money used comes from the school budget.

“There was no debt to the community or the district itself, just money from the general fund,” says project manager Joe Arruda.

Over the past two years, aging buildings have been demolished to make way for state-of-the-art facilities that now include high-end seating and changing rooms.

New concessions, safety nets and dugouts will also add to the game day atmosphere for baseball and softball events.

“Certainly we needed it,” baseball coach Russell Sauceda said. “It’s something the district has gone above and beyond to deliver and it’s also very rewarding for our players and our program.”

The boys and girls soccer teams now have their own soccer-specific stadium which will allow them to host night matches – while struggling girls will no longer have to share mat time with the boys.

“It’s a very close contact sport, there’s a lot of movement, it’s very practical and I think having that space to do that and having our own bedroom helps make a women’s wrestling team worthy,” says Jocelyn Barrera. “We are no longer hiding behind the boys. We are now our own team, our own group.”

Student-athletes will also be able to take advantage of the school’s new weight room and equipment as part of the renovation project.

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