Most popular Christmas decoration in every state


Thanksgiving is over, and that means neighborhoods and communities are getting a lot more festive.

According to a new study, 44% of Americans wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas decorations. 29% more people are busy decorating the first week of December.

Lombard houses analyzed over 1,500 Google search terms to also determine the most popular Christmas decoration in each state.

In Kansas, the complete study by Lombardo Homes found a nursery is the most popular. It’s also the most popular Christmas decoration in Indiana, Utah, and North Dakota, according to Lombardo Homes.

Missourians love Christmas lights. Lights are also the most popular Christmas decorations in California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington.

The Grinch is popular in the Southwest while the Southeast is devoted to traditional Christmas trees. New Jersey is the only state where Santa Claus is the most popular decoration, according to the analysis.

The decorations will hang around until at least the week after Christmas, when 22% of Americans take the balls off. Everyone reports waiting until New Years Day or later, depending on Lombard houses.

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