Mid-Century LA Skolnik Residence lands on the market for $ 4 million


For the first time in nearly three decades, the Samuel and Bertha Skolnik Residence, designed by the famous architect Rudolph schindler, is on the market for $ 4 million in Los Angeles.

It has been carefully maintained since its inception in the early 1950s and was last sold in 1994 for $ 525,000.

Completed in 1952, this mid-century modern masterpiece was one of the last of 500 houses that the prolific Schindler completed. He died in 1953.

The master architect was experimenting with new forms when he designed this three-chambered beauty.

“The house is essentially a carousel, an open space with a merry-go-round in the middle,” Schindler’s biographer Esther mccoy said of this design.

Samuel and Bertha Skolnik Residence


Front exterior


The reference to the carousel refers to the fact that the architecture conveys the effect of rotation around the central pivot point of an elegant indoor-outdoor fireplace.

As the light shines through the translucent fiberglass roof and the sun moves across the sky, the house almost feels like it is spinning slowly.

Indoor-outdoor central fireplace


Large bedroom with fiberglass roof


This was the last of three houses that Schindler built in this translucent style. He developed the idea while overseeing the construction of Frank Lloyd Wright‘s famous Hollyhock House.

Schindler called his later work “space architecture,” but not because it had anything to do with the cosmos. Rather, it was because the interior space of his designs was lit by natural light coming from as many directions as possible.

He was also ahead of his time with the concept of allowing interior spaces to seamlessly blend into exterior space.

Seamless interior-exterior transition


The Skolnik House is perched on a hill in the Hollywood Hills under Griffith Park and its famous Observatory.


It has 2,357 feet of living space and sits on a terraced lot with a view of Los Angeles below.

The previous owners have taken care to preserve and restore the classical residence, and prominent architects have been involved in the expansion and modification of the property.

In 1962, the architect Gregory Ain was tasked with adding a swimming pool, cabana and a separate large studio with a kitchenette, bathroom and changing room.

Guest House


In 1986, the owner at the time, Stacy peralta, a skateboard entrepreneur, hired the architect David Serrurier restore and reconfigure the master bedroom to accommodate a walk-in closet and build doors that open onto the terrace with exterior views.

Master suite


Note that the bathrooms and kitchen have been updated, but are aligned with the original aesthetic of the house.



Renovated bathroom with natural light


The current owners have taken great care to preserve the built-in blond wood features, which include cabinets, banquets, desks and bookcases.

Original integrated bench


Bedroom with integrated desk


An outdoor kitchen and back dining area has been added to blend in with the lush, drought-tolerant landscaping.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the natural surroundings give this classic residence an organic feel.

Terraced courtyard with outdoor kitchen


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