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Renovation Matters offers homeowners the opportunity to renovate before they put their home up for sale, without having to bear the costs until after settlement. Photo: provided.

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Selling a home is considered one of the most stressful times in life. And it can be made even more difficult when the house is not in its best condition.

It is common for homeowners to receive recommendations from real estate agents to improve or renovate parts of their home before selling, in order to maximize their potential profit. But recommendations are often unrealistic if sellers are short on cash.

Renovation Matters provides the solution for Canberra homeowners, offering a full-service renovation company that allows sellers to renovate now and pay the costs later in settlement.

Adding the mammoth task of renovation to the already stressful process of selling a home can feel overwhelming, especially since most people lack the knowledge and experience to oversee a renovation. But that’s where Renovation Matters comes in.

Renovation Matters takes care of the entire project, taking the stress out of homeowners and creating a seamless process unique in the industry. General Manager Kim Persson is passionate about renovation and has seen the gap in the market.

“Renovation has always been a passion of mine as I have always had an interest in property so over time I have been fortunate enough to have renovated over 30 homes – the majority in Canberra”, said Kim.

“With each new renovation I learned something new – that’s what I love about this job – your knowledge and experience keeps growing and expanding. I also have an amazing team builders and trades behind me, which is half the battle. Together we always find great solutions for my customers, so I feel very lucky to have such a great team.”

With the already competitive market heating up over the past couple of years, sellers have enjoyed never before seen profits on their properties.

Kim considers it a missed opportunity if sellers don’t update the areas of their homes before they put them on the market, hence the creation of Renovation Matters.

“I’ve seen people leave so much money and opportunity on the table by not renovating before selling. Even small details like repainting, re-carpeting and styling can exponentially increase property value. sold, and it felt a bit like business suicide by not maximizing their real estate sales.

“I still see a lot of properties for sale and I think you could have really maximized your sale by giving your home some love for the renovation before you put it on the market. Some houses need a lot of love , others some tips and tricks,” Kim said.

General Manager Kim Persson has always had a passion for renovating properties and has seen the gap in the market for preparing homes for sale. Photo: provided.

The Renovation Matters process is comprehensive, with steps to ensure sellers truly increase the value of their property. An appraisal of the property is undertaken including an independent appraisal and suggestions are made based on what will add immediate value to the property.

After the initial meeting and valuation, a business proposal is provided to the client, with an updated anticipated sale price of the home, based on local real estate data. They complete the service with expert styling and cleaning.

Homes that undergo a Renovation Matters makeover aim to return more than the cost of the renovation expenses.

Kim says, “As a rule, we like to try and get $2 back on sale for every dollar we spend. Many people who have renovated over the past few years have received more than double their money’s worth in the booming market we have just experienced. We do notice, however, that the heat has now died down in today’s market, so strategic renovations are important, so as not to overspend on unnecessary areas.

“Real estate agents we work with also inform us that often well-priced renovated properties are still popular and attract competition, but some of the non-renovated properties stagnate and fail to sell.

“This means that a strategically renovated property that is well presented is likely to sell for more and faster than a property that is not renovated or well presented.”

For those looking to RENOVATE NOW PAY LATER, visit the Renovation Matters website at or call Kim on 0427 696 662 for your free consultation.

This is branded content for Renovation issues.


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