Martha Stewart welcomes you to Generation Ageless


Ms. Stewart’s attitude towards makeup is like her generation: it’s basic, essential. When asked if she wears makeup while hanging out at her pool, her response was, “A touch of blush, then some lips. It’s not makeup. I consider skin care.

Beyond Clé de Peau, it plays the field in terms of products. She also uses Charlotte Tilbury products and “she loves Bobbi Brown bronzers,” said Daisy Toye, her longtime makeup artist. Plus, she’s opted for facials at Mario Badescu Salon in New York City since it opened in 1967.

Ms Stewart’s smooth, glowing complexion has spurred the widespread speculation that photo and video appearance enhancers – filters, as they are called – were used to alter her face in Clé de Peau videos. That’s not the case, she said, saying the filters weren’t used in her personal life or in TikTok videos.

Speculation is also widespread that Ms Stewart has had a makeover.

“I’ve never had plastic surgery,” she said. “You can totally say that. No knife to my face, neck or back. And as John Barrett, her hairstylist, said, “Martha never had time to let a facelift heal.” But he added: “Basically women of a certain age, if they look great, they’ve done something. It’s like that.”

She had work done by Dr. Daniel Belkin, one of her two New York dermatologists. “Non or minimally invasive” is how he described it, with repeat visits “probably twice a year. She does it in a thoughtful and conservative way. Dr. Belkin uses lasers for redness, gentle resurfacing and dark spots; fillers for volumizing and collagen stimulation; and radiofrequency and micro-focused ultrasound to beautify the brow area and to “lift, tighten and plump” under the chin. And for her lips: “a mild hyaluronic acid, more hydrating than plumping”.

Ms Stewart’s other dermatologist, Dr Dhaval Bhanusali, customizes a CBD-infused holistic hydrating serum, soothing mist and night cream for her. He and Mrs. Stewart are developing similar CBD topicals for consumer use. These will be added to a range of therapeutic creams – for muscle recovery, sleep and stress – that she already has with Canopy Growth, a cannabinoid company.

So it may be that Ms Stewart’s smooth, glowing, wrinkle-free face is just the shock needed as our collective eye adjusts to a new view of vital old age. No – make of this expanded middle age, or lack of age. Whatever else Martha Stewart is, she’s ready for the long haul.


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