Macclesfield Castle Rotary Club launches Christmas appeal for charitable loan program


The Macclesfield Castle Rotary Club has loaned over £ 11,000 to entrepreneurs in poor communities and is encouraging local residents to get involved this Christmas.

Residents of Macclesfield, Cheshire can purchase a Lendwithcare Christmas voucher, starting at £ 15, as part of the club’s ‘Make a Loan, Change a Life’ campaign.

Lendwithcare is a microfinance charity that empowers UK residents to provide small loans to entrepreneurs in poor communities around the world,

Lenders can then choose which entrepreneur to lend the money to and watch them rise out of poverty.

Local club organizer Clive Howlett said he was proud to be a part of the initiative.

“You see exactly who the money is going to and what they are going to use it for,” he said.

“The entrepreneur uses the funds to help them earn a living, often employing family members and neighbors as well, helping their communities out of poverty.

“They pay back the loans, which can be loaned back to person after person. This money will continue to be loaned and loaned again, translating into loans worth several million pounds over the years to come ”.

Macclesfield Castle Club is one of hundreds of Rotary clubs across the country that have raised over £ 1million for the charity.

In Macclesfield, they raised £ 11,019 over six years, lending to 730 entrepreneurs.

The loans helped 2,419 family members and helped create 522 new jobs, and none of the 730 defaulted on their loans.

Shurity Mudenda is an entrepreneur assisted by the club.

As a member of the Confidence group in Zambia, Shurity has opened its own nursery school which accommodates 30 pupils and employs 3 people. She repaid her loan in full.

Macclesfield club president Chris Watson thanked the local people for their support: “We raise funds throughout the year to support both local and international charities.

“We are very grateful for the generous support of the people of Macclesfield through our supermarket drives, the annual swimathon, the Easter egg raffle, the concerts and the whiskey tasting evening.”

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