Lend money without credit bureau

For whom is borrowing money possible without credit bureau? Self-employed, freelancers and also employees are often desperately looking for financing offers if the credit bureau credit rating is bad. With information about how to borrow money to manage a financial crisis, the contribution will help.

Borrow money without credit bureau – Credit bank loan from abroad

No other financing option is advertised, as borrowing money without credit bureau.The intensive credit advertising for credit bureaufreie credit solutions gives the impression as if foreign banks, primarily from Switzerland, grant each loan. A large part of the population feels addressed. Self-employed and freelancers are hoping to break the chains of the Basel Accords through debt-free lending.

But more and more employees are getting into a financial trap. Low incomes and high job insecurity help ensure that nobody can be sure of their credit rating. Pensioners are particularly hard hit. Your secure pension is so small that decent aging is almost impossible to finance. All these people hopefully read the ads in the magazines and on the internet, lending easy money without promising credit bureau.

Since 2010, only one credit bank has been at the center of loan inquiries for non-credit bureau foreign lending. It is not based in Switzerland, as many suspect, but in Liechtenstein. It is Bankate. As far as it is known, the bank has the necessary authorization to lend money to Germans free of debt. Well-founded hope to receive a reputable credit without credit bureau from abroad, may still have only employees.

Credit without credit bureau – who receives a credit bureaufreies loan?

The possibility of borrowing money without including credit bureau is only granted by the credit bank to employees. The bank’s offer is a rigidly structured loan product. Deviations from the specifications do not allow the bank. Employees who want to qualify for a loan without credit bureau must be firmly in the saddle. You must prove a secure job with social security contributions. The employment contract is perpetual and has existed for at least one year.

credit bureau excludes the credit bank from the credit check. Proof of being creditworthy is very time-consuming. What is desired is a borrower who has his financial situation under control. There is no current wage garnishment, the employment contract is not terminated and the public debtor directory is clean. In addition, a net income is achieved that allows an attachment in an emergency. At least 80 USD have to be attachable for 3,500 USD leash-free borrowed money.

Foreign financing without credit bureau – the offer

  • It is possible to apply for 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD
  • The APR is uniformly 11.37 percent and is fixed
  • As a term only 42 months are offered
  • The repayment is made after a two-month payment break
  • The loan is paid in 40 equal installments.

Optionally selectable only between the credit sums and the disbursement type. Without special agreement, the loan amount will be transferred. Alternatively, the cash payment is possible. Unfortunately this service costs extra.

Alternatives for freelancers and the self-employed

As a self-employed or freelancer, a loan without credit bureau is not so easy to do through a foreign bank. A vague credit balance exists when trying to borrow money from home and without credit bureau. Offers could be found on homepages promoting a foreign loan privately. With a risk loan, as it is possible for example via Viloan, the whole thing can not be compared.

The homepages are, at least in the present, no self-contained portals. The direct contact is made. Legal risks can not be ruled out in this practice. Safer than lending money without private credit bureau is a pawnshop loan. Large pawn shops offer self-employed the opportunity to lend valuable pledges, such as a vehicle.

Installment Loan – Borrow money on a small scale

Many credit seekers, such as retirees, can not meet the requirements for a non-scheme loan from abroad. It’s not oppressive debt or a scathing credit bureau that prevents lending. Borrowing money without credit bureau is seen as a last resort to find a loan at all. A frequently overdrawn credit advertising seduces to this aberration.

The real credit offers that are possible with a small income are overlooked. The desire of a senior for a small loan is welcome on the portals Smava or Viloan, despite credit rating restrictions. The bad creditworthiness of a pensioner is rarely derived from poor payment history. It is the old age and the small pension that make a bank loan impossible. When borrowing money from a private age does not matter. The small pension is compensated by the proverbial repayment loyalty of older people.

Small amounts of money – lend quickly and repay quickly

Important when borrowing money is in many cases the quick payout. Especially with a small income and poor creditworthiness, an unexpectedly high bill can be a problem. Normally, the credit line makes it possible to pay the sum immediately. The collection is returned with the incoming salary.

With bad credit, this fast financing is often not possible. Vexcash offers the right loan solution. Small sums can be borrowed quickly. Initially, 500 USD short-term credit are possible, later it may even be 1,000 USD. The first loan will be repaid in 30 days. For later credit requests up to 90 days are allowed.

Borrowing money without credit bureau is not possible via Vexcash. However, the credit bureau credit rating and also the income level have a low priority for short-term credit. Even with a score of M and an income of only 500 USD per month, money can be borrowed.pare now